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Origin: Division 1
Press Writers AwardDavid King150k
Press Runner UpSteve Allan100k
Press Third UpJohn Malone50k
Most Improved TeamAberdon F.C.
Most Enterprising TraderDavid King
Best Home KitInbhir Narainn50k
Best Away KitInbhir Narainn50k
Team You Most Like To BeatI.A.C. Korea
Best Named RosterIrn Bru Allstars
Golden BootSimon Church (AFC)50k
Silver BootAlexander Dow (BAL)35k
Bronze BootHicham Zeroali (AFC)25k
Golden GlovesSeocan MacAoidh (IBA)50k
MOM of the YearFigo FIllol (ATC)50k
Hardman of the YearDarren Clark (MVV)50k
Young Boot Roibeart Luthais Steapha (IBA)25k
Young GlovesIain Stiùbhart (IBA)25k
Young MOM of the Year Alasdair Greum clag (IBA)25k
Young Playmaker Alasdair Greum clag (IBA)25k
PlaymakerHicham Zeroali (AFC)50k
Origin: Division 2
Press Writers AwardBrian Beerman150k
Press Runner UpAdam Meney100k
Press Third UpJonathan Miles50k
Most Improved TeamOld Colony F.C.
Most Enterprising TraderEd Hollox
Best Home KitSitan Dama50k
Best Away KitWarley Bromwich Albion50k
Team You Most Like To BeatSitan Dama
Best Named RosterSelick United
Golden BootTony Cottee (THA)50k
Silver BootTracy Morgan (RUF)35k
Bronze BootVincenzo Coccotti (OLD)25k
Golden GlovesGav Lostner (SEL)50k
MOM of the YearB Wicket (ACU)50k
Hardman of the YearMarshawn Lynch (HAM)50k
Young BootTracy Chapman (RUF)25k
Young GlovesGav Lostner (SEL)25k
Young MOM of the YearAstle Gates (WBA)25k
Young PlaymakerMartin Wilkie (ACU)25k
PlaymakerMichail Antonio (THA)50k
Origin: Division 3
Press Writers AwardPaul Roseblade150k
Press Runner UpDaz Park100k
Press Third UpCalum Roseblade50k
Most Improved TeamBirmingham F.C.
Most Enterprising TraderPaul Roseblade
Best Home KitBirmingham F.C.50k
Best Away KitReading Rattlers50k
Team You Most Like To BeatKaisayr
Best Named RosterKinglassie Miners
Golden BootJack Joyce (BIR)50k
Silver BootToño Asprilla (AYR)35k
Bronze BootIvan Iniesta (CAL)25k
Golden GlovesDavi (CAT)50k
MOM of the YearDavi (CAT)50k
Hardman of the YearFelipe Castro (HAR)50k
Young BootPetre Molodov (KIN)25k
Young GlovesMitchel Webb (ASH)25k
Young MOM of the YearGuiseppe Donama (CAL)25k
Young PlaymakerRamsay Bolton (BIR)25k
PlaymakerTrumpedo (QUO)50k
Evolution: Division 1
Press Writers AwardStewart Miller150k
Press Runner UpColin Scott100k
Press Third UpRoy Rolsten50k
Most Improved TeamSparta Partick
Most Enterprising TraderStewart Miller
Best Home KitTeddybears F.C.50k
Best Away KitSt Pauli Pirates50k
Team You Most Like To BeatTeddybears F.C.
Best Named RosterAsteria Kromatos
Golden BootMatt Ryan (TAY)50k
Silver BootKevin Keegan (NEI)35k
Bronze BootColin Stein (TED)25k
Golden GlovesPatrick Roy (SSK)50k
MOM of the YearDado Prso (TED)50k
Hardman of the YearTrevor Doyle (TAY)50k
Young BootHorst Haecks (SPP)25k
Young GlovesPeter McCloy (TED)25k
Young MOM of the YearTony Vidmar (TED)25k
Young PlaymakerAl Phacentari (AK)25k
PlaymakerAndy Cole (NEI)50k
Evolution: Division 2
Press Writers AwardEllis Simpson150k
Press Runner UpRobin Dewar100k
Press Third UpWilly Krosnyak50k
Most Improved TeamF.C. Glasgow
Most Enterprising TraderSimon Ryan
Best Home KitBerinsfield United50k
Best Away KitChelsea Old Boys50k
Team You Most Like To BeatElana Torun
Best Named RosterElana Torun
Golden BootErik Bo Anderson (FCG)50k
Silver BootAlly McCoist (FCG)35k
Bronze BootScott Newman (BFU)25k
Golden GlovesWade Hamilton (FUL)50k
MOM of the YearTim Smith (QUE)50k
Hardman of the YearArnold Denker (ELA)50k
Young BootIvor Westz (VOB)25k
Young GlovesMarco Papperson (BFU)25k
Young MOM of the YearTom Clancy (WCR)25k
Young PlaymakerCanniga (FCG)25k
PlaymakerErik Bo Anderson (FCG)50k
Other Awards
Prediction League WinnerRoy Rolsten (SPP) - 61pts3 CPs
Prediction League Runner UpStewart Miller (TED) - 57pts2 CPs
Prediction League Third PlaceJonathan Miles (WBA) - 54pts1 CP
Prediction League 4thBill Bushby (THA) - 53pts
Prediction League 5thEllis Simpson (ELA) - 50pts
Origin Cup WinnerUnsporting Lisbon4 CPs
Origin Cup RunnerUpAberdon F.C.2 CPs
Origin Cup Semi FinalistI.A.C. Korea1 CP
Origin Cup Semi FinalistBirmingham F.C.1 CP
Evolution Cup RunnerUpTeddybears F.C.2 CPs
Evolution Cup WinnerSparta Partick4 CPs
Evolution Cup Semi FinalistChelsea Old Boys1 CP
Evolution Cup Semi FinalistGotham City Knights1 CPs
The Manager Cup WinnerTeddybears F.C.5 CPs
The Manager Cup RunnerUpUnsporting Lisbon3 CPs
The Manager Cup Semi FinalistSt Pauli Pirates2 CPs
The Manager Cup Semi FinalistAberdon F.C.2 CPs
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistSparta Partick1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistM.V.V. Caledonian1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistInbhir Narainn1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistF.C. Glasgow1 CP
  • Golden BootGLSSHAPPs
  • Golden GlovesRATAPPs
  • Man Of The MatchMOMsAPPs
  • PlaymakerASSKPAPPs
Season 39 Trades: 10
Tayshawn Williams 6/10 GK - 20k [Adelaidonians F.C.]
Carlos Louis Figerra 5/12 MF - offers [Adelaidonians F.C.]
Paul Atreides 7/7 DF - Why have a 0/4 aging to 0/11 for 5k when you could buy this superb 7/7 for 10k!! [Unsporting Lisbon]
Theo Hernández 2/11 DF - MF or DF old, more SL [Orgullo Atlético]
Ruben Semedo 2/10 DF - Why have a 0/8 to a 0/15 for 250k when you could have this 2/10 - 2/17 for 100k [Unsporting Lisbon]
Rory Friel 5/15 DF - cash/cp and a throw away old useless DF [Inbhir Narainn]
Jeff Astle 6/15 FW - Cash [Leicester Foxes]
Nelson Semedo 2/10 DF - Cash or cp [Leicester Foxes]
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  • Old Colony F.C. Need:

    1. Promotion

    2. Advance in both Cups

  • Hamilton Invaders Need:

    Cash lots of it

  • St Pauli Pirates Need:

    To pass the other team off the pitch!

  • Kaisayr Need:
    Some shots would be nice  
  • Inbhir Narainn Need:

    To get to grips with the new game ASAP.

  • Hamilton Invaders Need:

    Cash lots of it

 Poll Title  Initiator  Returned  Closing Date 
 Allow Swansong to Be Applied to Special Player  Brian Beerman  7  2018-03-01 18:15:46 
 Hidden Special Abilities  Adam Meney  12  2018-04-08 15:59:05 
 Hidden Special Abilities 
 Should your players special abilities be hidden from your opposition and only known by you? Knowing this information can help you plan your lineup against a team. Would trading be affected? The Manager has always been a game of open information. Does a change like this alter that philosophy?  
   All Information Available 
   Hide Special Abilities 
   Other idea with comments 
 Topic   Initiator   Replies  
 Allow Swansong on Special Ability Player  Brian Beerman  2 
 Future Special Abilitites  Adam Meney  37 
 Future Special Abilitites
Warren De Niese - January 10th 2018 21:16

Paul's original suggestions actually sound great. Would add a bit of personality to the algorithms.

Paul Roseblade - December 16th 2017 14:03
Fair Weather Player - doesn't like the rain, only turns up when the weather is fair. Not a rainy night in Stenhousemuir type of player +2 when sunny +1 when dry -11 or 2 is wet, raining, freezing

Blame Game Player - When team morale is high he enjoys the game. When team morale is down st.......................
Paul Roseblade - December 16th 2017 14:01
Lost formatting in the post. iPad to blame.
Paul Roseblade - December 16th 2017 14:00
Fair Weather Player - doesn't like the rain, only turns up when the weather is fair. Not a rainy night in Stenhousemuir type of player +2 when sunny +1 when dry -11 or 2 is wet, raining, freezing Blame Game Player - When team morale is high he enjoys the game. When team morale is down starts the.......................
Adam Meney - July 14th 2017 8:53

I am a little dissapointed with myself for not getting some new abilities in for you this preseason. I have not had to the time to test them properly and I am still working on them.

I am hoping to get some of these in for next season.

  • LONE STRIKER: This FW will a.......................
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Unsporting Lisbon v Torpedo Belgrano 
We're playing Malone's Maniocs. We can't win.
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Match 4
Orpington Inkspots v I.A.C. Korea 
Always hard to vote against IAC, but I think this is a draw.
The legends face off
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