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    ISSUE 109: MAYHEM!
    Stewart Miller
    Ellis Simpson
    Stewart Miller
Season 40 Trades: 26
Karl Daniel 7/10 FW - 5k [Cascadia United F.C.]
Ronald Fisher 4/16 FW - Offers welcome [Clarendon Park Rangers]
Cliff Michelmore 6/12 FW - Offers [Clarendon Park Rangers]
Michael Trudeau 6/11 GK - 5k [Birmingham F.C.]
Jacob Fry 6/10 FW - 5k [Birmingham F.C.]
Wanted: Defenders SL19+ [Hamilton Invaders]
For Sale: CPs at 80K each [Orpington Inkspots]
For Sale: CP required [Queens Rangers]
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  • Old Colony F.C. Need:

    1. Finish top five in Division One

    2. Win a Cup

  • Huascaran Heights Need:

    We need a creative fund raiser to ensure the financial situation is always better than 'okay'!

  • Kaisayr Need:
    Some shots would be nice  
  • Old Colony F.C. Need:

    1. Finish top five in Division One

    2. Win a Cup

  • Ballingry United Need:

    Time, patience, structure, planning, luck, understanding, alcohol, inspiration, creativity, molasses, dedication, fresh fruit, loose women, religion, concentration, technique, warm underwear

  • Sitan Dama Need:
    A fast developing youth policy. 
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 Multi Position Players  James White  9 
 MVP Awards  Jon Love  6 
 Allow Swansong on Special Ability Player  Brian Beerman  5 
 Future Special Abilitites  Adam Meney  39 
 MVP Awards
Adam Meney - August 21st 2018 0:43

I total understand you Jon.  It is a problem with these games.  Rewarding the achievers and making them strongr is tough.  They are already benefitting from better gates and morale and then to top it off with a CP or Cash.  However the benefit diminished somewhat at the goo.......................

Brian Beerman - May 10th 2018 18:15

I agree - no need to make a change to the MVP code. (See David King's for more details)

David King - May 9th 2018 11:37

The first few MVPs are the best. Most teams can normally expect two in a season whether by design or accident.

The latter rewards are 25k. Cash is always nice to get but the teams winning these MVPs are probably doing pretty we!l all round.

At season end and into pre-seas.......................

Steve Allan - May 9th 2018 6:39


I get what you are saying and i agree that better teams do get more incentives (extra gate receipts from bonuses too) but i don't think the MVP's need to be touched. Plus i would imagine it would be a complete nightmare to code what you suggest.

Bill Ramsay - May 8th 2018 7:59
I think that the sliding scale of rewards for MVPs takes care of this balance alongside league status. By MVP number 4 the reward is average. If you have such a poor team that you cannot achieve an MVP in the league you are in then relegation and rebuilding should allow you this chance next season. .......................
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Match 17 Comments
Match 17
Aberdon F.C. v Old Colony F.C. 
The first of back-to-back away games this session. I will be happy with
one point here a tough stadium with a hostile crowd. When I saw this session on
the schedule, my stomach
...lurched a bit. This is a highly competitive and stout D1 this year.
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Match 18 Comments
Match 18
Queens Rangers v Elana Torun 
Another team bouncing back after a dud start. They will be confident. We
will be ready.
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