Paul Roseblade

February 20th
17:40:36 GMT
KaisAyr Not So Sweeper Keeper

Dai Greene is breaking the mould of the sweeper keeper. He is the new breed of "striker keeper".
One of these guys who you see sprinting back to his own goal when up for an attack :)

David King
Unsporting Lisbon

February 19th
23:33:24 GMT

Always good to get the bad luck out the way near the start..
Paul Roseblade

February 19th
22:51:32 GMT
My Season Before It Even Starts

What was that for? Dai Greene (AYR) turned away from the goalkeeper whose kickout immediately hits him in the back…
...He never meant to interfere but the Ref hands him his Second Yellow and a RED CARD!!
Dai Greene is the keeper...

So my keeper was the furthest up the park 😄
Guess how my season is going to go 😄😄

Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

February 14th
11:44:10 GMT
Check Over Chekhover

We've had a couple of shows of interest for Vitaly Chekhover, but so far not quite enough to
match our (exceedingly reasonable) minimum. If you want a 1/12 sweeper for your team, you know
where to come.
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

February 13th
00:02:43 GMT
Access Forbidden


If there’s any way you can place an Access Forbidden restriction on our goal this season, I would greatly appreciate it! I am
sure I can find a way to get a season’s worth of pints to you.

Please think it over.

Or don’t.


Adam Meney
Sitan Dama

February 12th
16:21:33 GMT
Server Stability


As you guys have probably discovered for yourselves, we are experiencing some server stability
issues. Access Forbidden sometimes appears. I do not know why and I do not know how the game
will run if this happens when matches are running.

I will update you again if any progress is made on this matter.


Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

February 12th
15:59:17 GMT
23+ SL

I can provide two players that total 23 SL. Perhaps the total would be even higher than that, if
that's attractive to anyone.

Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

February 12th
08:57:35 GMT
Permissions Granted!

Well done, Adam! We're back on-line!

SL23+ wanted? Yes, Colin, I noticed that too. I could do with a couple myself!

Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

February 12th
08:44:36 GMT
Plan M

Had a look at transfer list out of curiosity regarding the age 1 players for sale - half decent players to be fair - but my attention
was drawn to the ‘looking for’ section with a request for a 23+SL player. Not even TED have one of those at this stage of the
season (swansong and mav excluded of course)
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

February 12th
06:57:58 GMT
Plan M is under way

If anyone is looking for some semi decent Age I players to supplement their squad, Elana have a
couple of offerings on the transfer list (GK and SW).
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