Roy Rolsten
St Pauli Pirates

October 22nd
00:21:14 GMT
It's not you it's me

I'm afraid Stewart our relationship is coming to an end, we've had our good times, we've consoled
each other when results were bad, but i feel we've grown too far apart and we want different things.
You want to win the league and I just want to survive.

We'll always have our special moment when the two of us came together in the Manager Cup, we were
trailblazers for Evolution success in the Cup. But all good things can't last.

I wish you and Colin all the happiness for the future

yours not quite sincerely...


Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

October 21st
21:21:04 GMT
Itís you

It was aimed at you Stewart. Sorry to say but thatís the vibe Iím getting. I love you though x

Just kidding. Youíre paranoid. I do love you though.
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 21st
21:03:06 GMT
Its not either of you

Hmmm, I can see where you are coming from, David. I initially read it as a personal jibe at myself
but now you've mentioned it, I can see that it could also be read as a humorous throw away

Many apologies, Roy, if I have misinterpreted the context of your comment. I must be getting
paranoid in my old age.

David King
Unsporting Lisbon

October 21st
19:36:03 GMT
It's not either of you

His post actuially reads like a tongue-in cheek-response to both you and James comments.
It's obvious that it wasn't referring exclusively to you or your one game of 5 vs SPP.
Also he does not imply that your post was all about him or that he was trying to somehow flatter himself.
He states the results he had vs BOTH you and James.
And, again, it is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

From where I am I think you may have picked him up wrong, Stewart.

If a post seems like it might have two meanings and one is humourous and friendly and one seems rude then on here it's most likely the first one.

I understand that poor results are annoying but there is still room for banter and respect in equal measure in the game.
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 21st
15:24:00 GMT
Is It Me??

Roy, I was responding to Colin's blog concerning his stated need to produce more shots. My reply
referred to FIVE of Teddybears last six games. Yes, St. Pauli was the last of the five, but you
certainly flatter yourself, sir, if you thought my post was all about you. It most certainly was

David King
Unsporting Lisbon

October 21st
13:50:02 GMT
Origin Cup

We are down to the final eight teams here.
There are 6 teams from Division 1. One each from Division 2 and 3.
Division 3 are represented by Warley Bromwich Albion managed by Jonathan Miles.
Division 2 are represented by Thames Ironworks managed by Martyn Campbell*.
Division 1 has the Top 5 T11 teams in the last 8 with Birmingham a T10 team.
On paper the two easier ties are ourselves vs Daz's BIR and Steve Allen's ABE vs THA.
But Olmec always has it's say.
The other two matches are really tough to call.
Brian at OLD vs Bill at MVV is going to be a cracker I think.
Richard with INB vs Jonathan's WBA is also very close. Division 1 vs Division 3 but WBA are a very good team.
We could have 4 Division 1 teams in the semi-final..or only 2.
We'll be lucky.
Roy Rolsten
St Pauli Pirates

October 21st
01:13:53 GMT
Is it me...

A draw vs the Teddybears and a 1-0 win vs Glasgow and all of a sudden they're both be moaning the crazy numbers for recent results...

James White
F.C. Glasgow

October 20th
19:26:06 GMT
Crazy Numbers

Crazy league, everyone enjoys a crazy result now and then but this game seems to take the proverbial . . .
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 20th
12:19:26 GMT
Crazy Numbers

Col, I'm not convinced that you need to do, or even worse, can do anything to improve results as
there are some strange things happening at the moment. Take my own club for example, we appear to
have hit a run that defies explanation. We supposedly have one of the best squads and attacks in
the game but we've struggled in five out of our last six games. Stats are as follows:

Chances Created: 47 (TED); 18 (Opponents)
Shots Generated: 23 (TED); 14 (Opps)
Shots On Target: 16 (TED); 11 (Opps)
Goals scored: 4 (TED); 8 (Opps)

So in five games from 47 chances we've scored 4 goals whereas our opponents have scored 8 from 18
chances. As I said, there have been some very strange number sequences generated recently. I think
all we can do is ride out the storm and hope that normality returns soon.

Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

October 19th
22:03:23 GMT

Haha - still not fixed from the last time the laptop got tossed oot.
This time it was just funny and today cemented it with another team saving 3 from 3. We really need to produce more shots.
Richard Burnett
Inbhir Narainn

October 18th
20:42:53 GMT

If I was you I'd still be busy mourning the loss in the last round until at last next Tuesday. Don't think I've seen a team produce
a 16% shot chance and be on the losing side.

Some moan for moans sake but fair play Scottie for nae lobbing your computer oot the windae.

Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 17th
20:07:31 GMT

Easy Col, cheer on the Teddies! Ignore Brianís suggestion and just forget about the Evo 1 title. 😇

Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

October 17th
14:02:20 GMT
Wednesdays -1

That was a bit of a shocker, Colin. I always try and find positive(s) in a negative situation.
Perhaps this loss will allow you to concentrate that much more time on the Evo D1 title. Best of

Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

October 17th
11:01:34 GMT

Generally, the lads who donít play on a Tuesday, what do you do? I have some spare time coming up and Iím just wondering
how I will fill my day 🤷‍♂️
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