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 Combining the 2 leagues...or not ?
Les Lithgo - March 6th 2017 0:24

Interesting to note that we should see the Manager Cup as the elite competition - the European Cup / Champions League if you like.

Personally I hadn't perceived it this way - the League title being regarded as the pinnacle in my view with the MC euivalent to the FA Cup. Maybe we should restrict the number of teams who enter this competition... i.e. some qualification ctiteria to make it stand out as the elite competition... or maybe just emphasise through the rewards?

Mike Sherlock - February 17th 2017 17:41
I'm surprised by some of the comments and suggestions. I see Origin 1 and Evo 1 leagues as The Big Leagues and we all get to compete in The Manager Cup. Don't see any advantage to a merger. If anything, more expansion leagues would be interesting...
Denis Fras - January 20th 2017 8:20

I propose that if a team finishes top 3 in the evolution league gets promoted, which also means if you finish top 3 in EVO div 1 you can get promoted to ORIGIN div 3. In our case this means we want to compete with the big boys. 

Matthew White - January 18th 2017 18:04
I like the idea of 5 or 6 divisions. But also like the idea of more games in a season as it would allow us to develop more young players. In saying that I enjoy the game as it is and why fix what is not broken
Matthew White - January 18th 2017 17:29
I like the idea of 5 or 6 divisions. But also like the idea of more games in a season as it would allow us to develop more young players. In saying that I enjoy the game as it is and why fix what is not broken
Jonathan Miles - January 18th 2017 16:50

A bit of a longer season would be fine in my personal opinion.

And I dont think the extra seasoning would do any harm, in fact it might encourage a bit more in the way of attempts to season youngsters as it was probably intended to.

But I take your point about the money and the free slots. Of course you took a little out with the demise of Robin Hood. But you would probably have to award a little less for each games receipts over the whole season in order to maintain the economy. Four games extra slots? Maybe you could also say that there are no free training slots after the close of the transfer window, choose to pay to coach or don't coach, interesting decision with money required at the end of the season for buying resources. However it is tricky to get it all perfected.

Also with more teams additional playoffs up and down or something similar might be required to keep interest to season end. Could well be needed. 

Adam Meney - January 18th 2017 3:36

I have always liked the idea of a slightly longer league campaign in a season. 14 teams sounds great but.... Need to be super careful as that brings in 4 more gates, free coaching slots, 360 mins of seasoning time, an extra auction etc etc. This all changes the economy structure. Also need to avoid the occurrence off meaningless matches CME season end. With 12 teams this is a rarity. It's a terrificly difficult balance.

Jonathan Miles - January 16th 2017 12:35

I'm happy to go with as is now, I think Adam knows best. 

But if it was to be changed then perhaps one league with 4 divisions of 14 teams (or if enough active interest then some or all of those divisions comprising 16 teams).

Adam Meney - January 16th 2017 7:25

When I first started rewritting the code a few years ago, a pyramid system was what I wanted to go with.  A top division with several tier 2 leagues feeding into the top division.  It was horrendous to code but I am willing to look at any option if it makes the game better.

Stewart meantioned something about applying to join the Origin league.  Odd.  I do not see there being any difference between the leagues.  Infact one might say that the Evolution has the more experienced coaches in it.  I dont feel like there is upward progression from one to the other.  Perhaps with loss of a division it feels a bit wonky.

The Manager Cup is the competition that should represent the Champions league.   Winning that tournament should be the biggest achevement in the game.  When you look at the tp 16 teams across both leagues you can see some amazing coaches with a great deal of success.

If the MC is not working out as that elite competition then we could look at it again.

James Tucker - January 13th 2017 22:41

I like the idea of a 5/6 tier league.  My first ever play by mail league was 6 tiers.  To avoid stagnation the Champions of each division were double promoted.  So winning Division 6 propelled you to Division 4.  It could therefore take only take 3 seasons to reach Division 1 from the very bottom.  The bottom team in each division were double relegated to.  I think it is easier to contract and expand than the parrallel leagues depending on manager numbers.

Had the added bonus of making a two horse race for Champions and Relegation a little more interesting

John Malone - January 13th 2017 17:53

Quite a neat idea David but it would be unwieldy if you wanted to expand or contract the overall numbers of teams.


I think what Adam has suggested is the best short term solution. If The-Manager could be advertised and we get a waiting list of potential mangers then I think you could offer the pyramid appoach. I'm not sure how you'd be able to promote The-Manager without plastering ads all over it though.

David King - January 11th 2017 22:33

A combined Division 1 of 12 teams. 2 parallel Division 2s.

4 drop from Div 1 into either Manager Div 2 or Evolution Division 2. 2 Get promoted from these 2 Divisions. Top team and maybe a round Robin of the next best 3? Or just position 2 and 3 play-off.  4 will drop into their respective Division 3s.

And from Divisions 3 you drop into or get promoted from Division 4.

That gives you 2 promotion ladders and a unified top and bottom division. Suitable names could be found. We could still maintain the Evolution and Manager names in the 4 divisions that make up the middle tiers.

It also means you 'only' have to win promotion 3 times instead of 5 times if it was one long ladder of 6 divisions.


Brian Beerman - January 10th 2017 21:46

I like to think of Origin and Evolution as two leagues in UEFA. The leagues fall under The Manager umbrella (like UEFA), but teams only meet during the Manager Cup (like Champion's League). Rivalries can grow, and likely will among the more successful clubs, but it will take a few more seasons. 

Stewart Miller - January 10th 2017 17:26

I'd be quite keen on the six league format, or five if we can't sustain sufficient teams for six divisions. The 4 up, 4 down promotion/relegation scenario would keep each division fresh and teams would more easily be able to find their own level in six rather than three divisions. The two divisions where familiarity might breed some contempt would be the top and bottom divisions where there would be less team turn-over - but we have that twice over at the moment. I just think it would give us the opportunity for more variety in the teams we meet each season.

Brian Beerman - January 10th 2017 15:24
I really don't see a need to change the existing format any time soon. I feel things are working well. That old saying: If it's not broken, why fix it?
Bill Bushby - January 10th 2017 12:44

Adam has mentioned that one league with 6 divisions might be somewhat boring for those teams in the middle tiers, so are there any other options that may work ?

My own suggestion would be........

As it was suggested earlier in the season that there are a few teams that need new managers, if that were still the case, perhaps creating ONE league with 5 divisions might be the answer.

Losing a few teams would solve the managers needed problem OR maybe another option could be to increase divisions(5) by 2 teams and adding a few midweek games to avoid causing the season to lengthen more than it currently is.

Having said all that, in my humble opinion having 6 divisions would not be boring to me no matter what division i found my team in, i would still want to climb the league if possible.

Regardless of any interest in combining both leagues into one or not, I for one love THE MANAGER in any format. yes







Bill Bushby - January 10th 2017 12:29

There seems to be some interest in this but Adam has stated it is a non-runner which is understandable and seems fair enough.

But if it was a possibility...what format would appeal ?

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