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 Future Special Abilitites
Adam Meney - July 14th 2017 8:53

I am a little dissapointed with myself for not getting some new abilities in for you this preseason. I have not had to the time to test them properly and I am still working on them.

I am hoping to get some of these in for next season.

  • LONE STRIKER: This FW will adda bonus to OFF when playing as the only FW.
  • TARGETMAN: This FW will add a bonus to OFF when playing an EC or L tactic.
  • ORGANISER: This DF or SW will add to the offside chance.
  • SPRINTER: This player will add to the %OFF bonus when playing a COUNTERATTACK tactic.
  • CHASER: WGs will be added to this ability.
  • MAVERICK: This player will gain and SL Boost but suffer from lower post match EL Recovery.
Brian Beerman - February 23rd 2017 23:40

I concur with Steve Allen in that I thought these abilities would be hidden, i.e. found randomly and you'd only know about it when you promoted an apprentice to your team. Not that I dislike the current format, and I'm not sure which approach is better, just agreeing that's what I thought this was going to be.

As with most things, I think we should let this play out for a minimum of two seasons and re-evaluate to see what, if any, changes are necessary.

Steve Allan - February 23rd 2017 9:17

Randomly aquired abilities - I got to admit when Adam 1st brought this up that is the way i thought we were heading and i think that would have been better. Not sure whether everyone should be able to see players with special abilities or whether you should only see ones from your own team...

Bill Ramsay - February 22nd 2017 0:37
The Late Maestro! Like a Lubo Moravcik or OG Solskjaer. A player who has 2nd half abilities. Capped at SL18 but if used as sub after 45 mins, he plays at +50% SL.
Bill Ramsay - February 22nd 2017 0:27
I really like Rich's idea that these abilities (whatever they may be) can be randomly discovered in an apprentice. Maybe limit this to 0/6 and not multipos apprentices to make 0/6 more attractive to purchase!
Mike Sherlock - February 19th 2017 17:19
Sprinter - adds 3% to Counter attack bonus
Roy Rolsten - February 4th 2017 8:07

Jon, UT's can't play in the Gk, SW or WG position without OOP applying 

A Sweeper with the UT ability woukd shoot with 100% SL not just 70%, a UT would normally play at SW with 80%SL reducing their effectiveness in the position. 

Maybe add an extra 5 to OFF as well

Brian Beerman - January 25th 2017 18:05

As a Manu fan, I'm all for a Sweeper/Keeper. Sign me up for one!

Jonathan Miles - January 25th 2017 13:16

I've been liking all your suggestions Roy, but...  that last one just seems to be SW becomes UT, I'm not seeing that at all, am I missing something?

Roy Rolsten - January 25th 2017 1:07

Total Footballer - only for Sweepers - plays as a UT

Jonathan Miles - January 24th 2017 10:29

Pep GK - adds 2 to OTF however plays at SL -3

Jonathan Miles - January 24th 2017 10:26

Lone Striker - plays at +8 SL if played as the only FW, plays at -4 SL if 2 or more FW are selected.

Stewart Miller - January 23rd 2017 15:29

Impact Player: Plays at double level (or SL + 50% if 100% considered too high). However, because of the energy expended this player can only play if his pre-match EL = 100 and he uses 100 EL per match or portion of a match played.

Roy Rolsten - January 22nd 2017 11:31

The diver - increases chance of opposition getting a booking/penalty award

the super sub - (can you cap EL?) shoots as an FW with double the OFF but only has 4 EL

the wall-breaker - shot chance doubled when facing a stalling team

the flair player - adds a bonus to OTF but DEF suffers

Jonathan Miles - January 19th 2017 16:22

Hans The Cat - double chance of saving a penalty and double chance of saving the first on target shot he faces in a match.

Jonathan Miles - January 19th 2017 16:19

Deadball king - always scores penalties and gets one extra shot per match for his team

Jonathan Miles - January 19th 2017 16:16

The gambler - allows team to play with one less DF than the stautory minimum

Jonathan Miles - January 19th 2017 16:13

Canny timing - decreases the chance of his team being caught offside.

Jonathan Miles - January 19th 2017 16:11

Defensive organiser - increases the chance that the offside trap will work.

Richard Burnett - January 19th 2017 12:40

From what others have said:

A Duncan Ferguson type Targetman special ability, player just goes about headbutting folk, player adds more to OFF when tactic is longball/early cross. Could be randomly generated i.e either auction or apprentice may come with the ability. Could help boost trading as a longball/early cross team would pay premium to get him.

John Malone - January 19th 2017 8:29

Here's what I posted in the other discussion:


 I'd suggest some hidden powers, like the lucky mascot (Carrick), the moody occasional match winner (Balotelli), the sicknote striker (Sturridge), the Steady Eddie 7 rating each game (Darren Fletcher, Noble), the big game bottler (any Arsenal player), the mid season fader (any Arsenal player), etc. You'd need to study the game stats to know if any applied and then decide to sell. You'd need to study the stats of anyone you were interested in too. A couple applied per team by random.

James Tucker - January 18th 2017 23:40

How about the Sweeper/Keeper.  Adds 5 (or 20% of SL) to GP.  The Manuel Neuer of The Manager world.

Also "The ever present", Loses only 2/3 of Normal EL loss, but because he always plays coaching is harder.  Can only be raised a maximum of 4 points per season.

The "Quick learner"  Raised 2SL for every coaching slot and CP upto maximum of 7.

The Maverick (George Best, Rodney Marsh)- Extremely gifted player plays at +3SL of his standard coached SL.  But he has a hard lifestyle - Ages as if 1 year older, also only recovers 80% of normal EL per match

I like the Cattermole/Berbatov ideas too..

John Malone - January 18th 2017 20:43
Oh, I posted some other abilities in the trading discussion before reading this. Random ones. Good ones. Fun ones. Should have read this thread first though.
Steve Allan - January 18th 2017 16:53

Quite like the cattermole idea, guessing the berbatov one would be a complete shambles to code

Richard Burnett - January 18th 2017 14:48

Couple of suggestions:

A Lee Cattermole type special ability, always plays on aggressive/dirty but expends the same EL as a normal player? Positive for teams, would always receive SL bonus but not lose as much EL, negative for teams, constant chance of YC/RC.

A Dimitar Berbatov type special ability, plays to standard ability, doesnt do much when their team doesnt have the ball (adds less to DEF) but expends SL at a lower rate(as if playing passive)? Positive for teams, using these type of players for longer/more often, negative for teams, adds little to DEF.

Dean Denaro - January 18th 2017 9:28
Yes will be a difference in matches if you have a player that can win a game. Maybe abilities such as 1. Quick player 2. Head specialist to either defend or score goals from winning the ball in the air
David King - January 17th 2017 19:38

Sweepers already have a bonus against certain tactics. And they do provide the maximum bang for their buck in terms of their contribution to GP and DEF at 2*SL.

But I think you could arrange a special for them where they get forward more and provide a plus to OFF. Might have to make that tactic specific to tie in properly with their perceived role in the game and their in place bonuses.

"All except Stall against Longball and Early Cross add 50% of SW SL to DEF."


Longball and Early Cross take a big hit vs a SW, It might be unfair to give a SW and additional bonus against them.

Steve Allan - January 17th 2017 13:58

Possibly if the sweeper is playing against a normal team he has a 1.2 multiplier but against EC/L the multiplier goes up to 1.4

Steve Allan - January 17th 2017 13:56

My thoughts for the sweeper could be something along the lines of they become a "brick wall" for their team. The usual SL they add to DEF/OFF gets added to their GP total and multiplied by 1.2 (purely an example).

Adam Meney - January 17th 2017 12:24

Good stuff.  I am looking for good ideas for both GKs and SWs, so thanks for this.

Something that would be interesting is perhaps a SW  ability who excels against Longball and Early Cross tactics.   Like the super header who can help nullify this type of attack or at least help counter it in some new and interesting way.  A different way of countering the overpowering force of and LB or EC team.

eg,  +0.25/+0.5 on the GP/DEF Modifier against LB or EC.

Ways of paper, scissors, rock, lizard, spocking each tactic with an ability like this would be very interesting.

Steve Allan - January 17th 2017 11:49

I don't really have an exact idea but something which is specific to sweepers (and therefore makes them useful again) would be a welcome addition. It feels like they are being quickly edited out of the game right now.

Dean Denaro - January 17th 2017 10:21
Yes will be a difference in matches if you have a player that can win a game. Maybe abilities such as 1. Quick player 2. Head specialist to either defend or score goals from winning the ball in the air
Adam Meney - January 17th 2017 7:53


I hope you are all enjoying the new feature in the game.

I wrote the Special Abilities code a couple of season ago but decided not to launch it at that time. I felt I had to sit on it for a while to try to gauge how they would fit into the overall picture.  I decided to launch them this season to try to stimulate trading a little and to add that little something special to the game that could help make a difference in a match.  It opens up a whole new angle of team building too.  eg. Are we to see more Ball Control Teams with lots of passers?  Exciting to see how this all develops. 

I would love it if you could all share your thoughts on Special Abilites here.  Perhaps some suggestions on future abilities, some ideas on the options available to you now and how you might think that this change will alter the game going forward.

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