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 Allow Swansong on Special Ability Player
Adam Meney - August 21st 2018 0:39

For me the swansong ability is one that needs to be planned in advance.  If you think a player will be given a swansong in the future then dont give him an ability in the seasons leading up to it.

For me its a straight nope.

Stewart Miller - February 26th 2018 11:50

I agree with Willy, but there again I might have something to gain if the motion is adopted when "Wee Mav" becomes Age 6. However, I think if was not adopted then I'd more than likely have another suitable candidate within my squad to be allocated a 'Swansong'. 

Willy Krosnyak - February 19th 2018 15:44

I think it is okay to apply to any player, remember that the swansong is retiring so you are going to lose that player after the season.

Mike Parnaby - February 16th 2018 16:45

For me, no. Leave the swansong for a normal player to get one last season.

Brian Beerman - February 16th 2018 13:06
Per the poll, this is a forum to discuss and debate the idea to allow Swansong to be applied to a player with a previously assigned Special Ability. My idea is that Swansong cannot be applied to a player if they received an Ability in the same season, e.g. cannot add Swansong and Maverick in the same season, but could add Swansong to a player one or more seasons after he was designated Maverick.
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