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Adam Meney - August 21st 2018 0:43

I total understand you Jon.  It is a problem with these games.  Rewarding the achievers and making them strongr is tough.  They are already benefitting from better gates and morale and then to top it off with a CP or Cash.  However the benefit diminished somewhat at the good team rack up the rewards.

Its one that I feel is not worth adjusting.

Brian Beerman - May 10th 2018 18:15

I agree - no need to make a change to the MVP code. (See David King's for more details)

David King - May 9th 2018 11:37

The first few MVPs are the best. Most teams can normally expect two in a season whether by design or accident.

The latter rewards are 25k. Cash is always nice to get but the teams winning these MVPs are probably doing pretty we!l all round.

At season end and into pre-season these teams are not buying the cheaper 40k CPs, they are trying for the 100k CPs. So in order to purchase one extra CO these teams have to get an additional 4 MVPs. That'e 12 games of good results.

With that in mind I don't see it as an issue.

If your entire season budget relies on that 25k or 50k that another team got then I suspect you may want to revise your budget and your strategy a little.

Steve Allan - May 9th 2018 6:39


I get what you are saying and i agree that better teams do get more incentives (extra gate receipts from bonuses too) but i don't think the MVP's need to be touched. Plus i would imagine it would be a complete nightmare to code what you suggest.

Bill Ramsay - May 8th 2018 7:59
I think that the sliding scale of rewards for MVPs takes care of this balance alongside league status. By MVP number 4 the reward is average. If you have such a poor team that you cannot achieve an MVP in the league you are in then relegation and rebuilding should allow you this chance next season. Also,carefully selecting when to play your T11 will help get a few under the belt.
Jon Love - May 8th 2018 7:01

This may have been discussed before but it seems to me that the best teams with the most levels will generally be awarded the most MVP's, aking them wealthier with more CP's with which to give them more levels, a self perpetuating phenomena. The teams who need the MVP awards are those that have the least EL average per T11 and T16 to make them better and to equalise things a bit. Surely then the MVP should be based on a rankings system whereby a team can earn MVP's only if they beat or draw with better teams than themselves. Thoughts? 

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