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 Multi Position Players
David King - May 17th 2018 8:30

I suspect it's to force managers to plan ahead and manage their squad. If you can just downgrade at any time it means you can effectiveley ignore the 5 cap rule. If any of your MP players become an inconvenience to an auction purchase or trade you're planning you can just downgrade. No planning required, no forward thinking, no management.  Just an 'Oops, I have too many MP players - fixed'.

There may be other factors in that the MP player still exists in the data base/history so your new downgraded version is actually a brand new player. But that's stuff that Adam could tell you about.

James White - May 13th 2018 15:33

Why can't they be downgraded in The Manager? Seems strange when it essentially makes your players value less.

Just want to understand the thinking behind the rule.

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