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    Stewart Miller
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Origin: Division 1
Press Writers AwardDavid King150k
Press Runner UpBrian Beerman100k
Press Third UpJohn Malone50k
Most Improved TeamBallingry United
Most Enterprising TraderDavid King
Best Home KitTorpedo Belgrano50k
Best Away KitIrn Bru Allstars50k
Team You Most Like To BeatTorpedo Belgrano
Best Named RosterOrpington Inkspots
Golden BootBas Dost (USL)50k
Silver BootMikhail Agranovich (CPR)35k
Bronze BootKenneth McKay (THA)25k
Golden GlovesSeocan MacAoidh (IBA)50k
MOM of the YearRonald Fisher (CPR)50k
Hardman of the YearShaun Maloney (AFC)50k
Young BootAlan Devonshire (THA)25k
Young GlovesLeyton (IAC)25k
Young MOM of the YearGros Manseng (MVV)25k
Young PlaymakerBen Feshie (TOR)25k
PlaymakerGlen Teallach (TOR)50k
Origin: Division 2
Press Writers AwardPaul Roseblade150k
Press Runner UpRichard Burnett100k
Press Third UpDavid Laird50k
Most Improved TeamBirmingham F.C.
Most Enterprising TraderDerek Purvis
Best Home KitWeymouth Black Death50k
Best Away KitF.C. Barcayrlona50k
Team You Most Like To BeatKaisayr
Best Named RosterSpartak Rangers
Golden BootAmari Cooper (INB)50k
Silver BootGareth December (WEY)35k
Bronze BootCharlie George (ATC)25k
Golden GlovesKelly Slater (RUF)50k
MOM of the YearEden Hazard (ATC)50k
Hardman of the YearC Menzies (ACU)50k
Young BootKhal Drogo (BIR)25k
Young GlovesJasper van Ruijvan (GUF)25k
Young MOM of the YearJasper van Ruijvan (GUF)25k
Young PlaymakerKhal Drogo (BIR)25k
PlaymakerRadich Nikoladze (BIR)50k
Origin: Division 3
Press Writers AwardMike Parnaby150k
Press Runner UpJonathan Miles100k
Press Third UpMatt Cooper50k
Most Improved TeamTartessos A.C.
Most Enterprising TraderJonathan Miles
Best Home KitMissouri Legal Beagles50k
Best Away KitHuascaran Heights50k
Team You Most Like To BeatTartessos A.C.
Best Named RosterCalcydonian F.C.
Golden BootMarshawn Lynch (HAM)50k
Silver BootVlada Stosic (TAR)35k
Bronze BootRube Berr (REA)25k
Golden GlovesMichael Kohlhaas (HAM)50k
MOM of the YearDavi (CAT)50k
Hardman of the YearDamon Johnson (REA)50k
Young BootJon Gruden (HAM)25k
Young GlovesJon Gruden (HAM) (HAM)25k
Young MOM of the YearCoopers Hill (WBA)25k
Young PlaymakerFrank Giday (CAL)25k
PlaymakerMorton Anderson (HAM)50k
Evolution: Division 1
Press Writers AwardStewart Miller150k
Press Runner UpColin Scott100k
Press Third UpRoy Rolsten50k
Most Improved TeamF.C. Glasgow
Most Enterprising TraderStewart Miller
Best Home KitSt Pauli Pirates50k
Best Away KitSt Pauli Pirates50k
Team You Most Like To BeatTeddybears F.C.
Best Named RosterAsteria Kromatos
Golden BootAziz Bouhaddouz (SPP)50k
Silver BootAndy Cole (NEI)35k
Bronze BootPeter Lovenkrands (TED)25k
Golden GlovesIgot Hans (WCR)50k
MOM of the YearMuller (FCG)50k
Hardman of the YearJoey Barton (WCR)50k
Young BootXurxo (SSK)25k
Young GlovesJohn T. Hall (SPT)25k
Young MOM of the YearStuart Munro (TED)25k
Young PlaymakerAl Trapone (GTH)25k
PlaymakerWaldemar Sobota (SPP)50k
Evolution: Division 2
Press Writers AwardEllis Simpson150k
Press Runner UpChris McDougall100k
Press Third UpAndy Shaw50k
Most Improved TeamColorado Rage
Most Enterprising TraderJose Augusto
Best Home KitAdelaidonians F.C.50k
Best Away KitChelsea Old Boys50k
Team You Most Like To BeatFulham Town
Best Named RosterLeicester Foxes
Golden BootAndre Gomes (LEI)50k
Silver BootLuis Suarez (LEI)35k
Bronze BootJames Maddison (ORA)25k
Golden GlovesKyle Evans (COR)50k
MOM of the YearJames Maddison (ORA)50k
Hardman of the YearKyle Evans (COR)50k
Young BootMikey Balvenie (FUL)25k
Young GlovesMikey Balvenie (FUL) (FUL)25k
Young MOM of the YearMikey Balvenie (FUL)25k
Young PlaymakerAron Nimzowitsch (ELA)25k
PlaymakerArda Turan (LEI)50k
Other Awards
Prediction League WinnerColin Scott (SPT) - 61pts3 CPs
Prediction League Runner UpBrian Beerman (OLD) - 60pts2 CPs
Prediction League Third PlaceEllis Simpson (ELA) - 54pts1 CP
Prediction League 4thSteve Allan (AFC) - 53pts
Prediction League 5thMike Parnaby (HUA) - 51pts
Origin Cup RunnerUpBallingry United2 CPs
Origin Cup WinnerInbhir Narainn4 CPs
Origin Cup Semi FinalistOld Colony F.C.1 CP
Origin Cup Semi FinalistSpartak Rangers1 CP
Evolution Cup WinnerTeddybears F.C.4 CPs
Evolution Cup RunnerUpSparta Partick2 CPs
Evolution Cup Semi FinalistNewkie Illuminati1 CP
Evolution Cup Semi FinalistTayside Tigers1 CPs
The Manager Cup WinnerUnsporting Lisbon5 CPs
The Manager Cup RunnerUpTeddybears F.C.3 CPs
The Manager Cup Semi FinalistSparta Partick2 CPs
The Manager Cup Semi FinalistOld Colony F.C.2 CPs
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistTartessos A.C.1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistSparta Sorukoviso1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistF.C. Glasgow1 CP
The Manager Cup Quarter FinalistSpartak Rangers1 CP
  • Golden BootGLSSHAPPs
  • Golden GlovesRATAPPs
  • Man Of The MatchMOMsAPPs
  • PlaymakerASSKPAPPs
Season 40 Trades: 5
Patrick Roy 5/19 GK - endorsed with 'Athletic' Special Ability, cash in return [Sparta Sorukoviso]
Jonny Ransome 5/14 SW - All offers considered [Weymouth Black Death]
Stefan Klos 8/9 GK - 10K [Teddybears F.C.]
Three Degrees 2/17 MF - Cash and/or CP [Warley Bromwich Albion]
Gelson Martins 6/18 MA - Awesome Swansong potential. Player swaps considered. [Unsporting Lisbon]
For Sale: CP available @ 75k each [Dynamo City]
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  • St Pauli Pirates Need:

    To pass the other team off the pitch!

  • Hamilton Invaders Need:

    Cash lots of it

  • Ballingry United Need:

    Time, patience, structure, planning, luck, understanding, alcohol, inspiration, creativity, molasses, dedication, fresh fruit, loose women, religion, concentration, technique, warm underwear

  • Asteria Kromatos Need:

    To score more goals - defensively we're pretty good for a mid-table team.

  • Guff Wanderers Need:

    Looking to sign experienced defenders. Contact me with your offers.

  • Gotham Villains Need:

    Bad guys with good pace.

 Poll Title  Initiator  Returned  Closing Date 
 Hidden Special Abilities  Adam Meney  37  2018-04-08 15:59:05 
 League Reconstruction  Stewart Miller  16  2018-08-18 13:53:46 
 Hidden Special Abilities 
 Should your players special abilities be hidden from your opposition and only known by you? Knowing this information can help you plan your lineup against a team. Would trading be affected? The Manager has always been a game of open information. Does a change like this alter that philosophy?  
   All Information Available 
   Hide Special Abilities 
   Other idea with comments 
 Topic   Initiator   Replies  
 Multi Position Players  James White  8 
 MVP Awards  Jon Love  5 
 Allow Swansong on Special Ability Player  Brian Beerman  4 
 Future Special Abilitites  Adam Meney  39 
 Allow Swansong on Special Ability Player
Stewart Miller - February 26th 2018 11:50

I agree with Willy, but there again I might have something to gain if the motion is adopted when "Wee Mav" becomes Age 6. However, I think if was not adopted then I'd more than likely have another suitable candidate within my squad to be allocated a 'Swansong'. 

Willy Krosnyak - February 19th 2018 15:44

I think it is okay to apply to any player, remember that the swansong is retiring so you are going to lose that player after the season.

Mike Parnaby - February 16th 2018 16:45

For me, no. Leave the swansong for a normal player to get one last season.

Brian Beerman - February 16th 2018 13:06
Per the poll, this is a forum to discuss and debate the idea to allow Swansong to be applied to a player with a previously assigned Special Ability. My idea is that Swansong cannot be applied to a player if they received an Ability in the same season, e.g. cannot add Swansong and Maverick in the sam.......................
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Match 1 Comments
Match 1
Old Colony F.C. v Unsporting Lisbon 
OLD's superior numbers here make it a foregone conclusion but we'll do our best.
We have a .1 advantage in T11 and T16. I would hardly call that superior numbers.
Stop trying to ruin our under-dog status! :-)
Forget it. My mistake. Our Swansong has given us the larger numbers again.
USL's superior numbers here make it a foregone conclusion but we'll do our best.
P.S. Nice uses of your Swansong this season, David.
Good luck.
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Match 2 Comments
Match 2
Ballingry United v Unsporting Lisbon 
It's my birthday. Let me win!
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