Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 18th
06:16:58 GMT
Poles Apart
Fifth is Good!

I have to say, last session's results were a real surprise, and a surprise of the nice type.

Orgullo seemed to discount our threat, and they paid the price as we stormed (slight enhancement of reality there) to a 3-0 win. Wow.

Then Leicester, cruising to a 1-0 win, let their guard diwn just for a second, and conceded a daft penalty. Sutovsky converted, and we had a share of the points, and were still in fifth place.


Unfortunately, it's time for a three letter word: cup. We hate the cup. We hate all cups. We face Missouri and Bandidos this coming session. I wish we were still on league business.


Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

April 17th
21:59:26 GMT
Never Press

SPT didn't get the best start to the season due to our top GK suspended from last season's heroics. Still, two clean sheets with an SL 8 between the sticks could be seen as two points gained. It was the way I wanted to begin the campaign though. That sparked a run of results which saw SPT unbeaten in 16 matches and included an away win against the then league leaders CAS. Having invested heavily in coaching I knew the T11 was not far off that of our rivals TED but still left us underdogs in our home game to them. It was match 17 of the campaign and I knew we had to win to meep in touch with the top end of the table. I opted for the unusual tactic of BC but having used it before I was confident it would do me proud. That and having a couple of passers in the teams increases the OTF bonus - I hope/think.... Well, I was correct. Lower T11 but better stats. Disappointingly TED scored first and the lads failed to respond. Game over. League over. To make matters worse we then dropped two loints at home to NEI. The bawz burst. Looking forward to next season already.


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

April 17th
13:10:34 GMT
View From The Summit
Chop, Chop, Chop!

Following the recent announcement that Huascaran Heights were about to axe a few players, one of those players asked to speak to manager Parnaby. Following that discussion, the player has left the club with immediate effect. The club made this announcement:-


"It is with some sadness that we have to announce the departure of Stefan Henchoz. The player himself felt that his playing days were numbered and has asked to leave, perhaps saving the career of younger players in the firing line. Stefan came to us from Switzerland and achieved a career rating of 0.59. We wish him well in his next venture" 


Mike Parnaby - Huascaran Heights - April 18th - 17:54:49
A tad harsh Brian but nevertheless true. I
made a mistake in prolonging his career
when bettter options were there for a
swansong. Live and learn.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - April 17th - 17:46:24
Stefan Henchoz was a bum - nothing more. Didn't deserve even a seat in the park.
Good riddance.
Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

April 17th
12:50:21 GMT
View From The Summit
Time for a cull!

News release from Huascaran Heights manager Mike Parnaby.

"It is with some regret, but also some excitement, that I have to look at the current squad and cull a couple of players. Some players are just not being used at all, and others simply have no future here at the club. As these type of players have little value to us, I cannot see any other team wanting them so they will not be transfer listed, just released to make room in the squad. I want to release two players, but at this time I have a list of 5-6 to go and need to make a final decision soon as to where the axe will fall."

There are a few nervous players at training today!


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

April 16th
11:33:20 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 99: Wee Mav Scores A League Goal!

Welcome Gaffer, it's Evolution Cup semi-final time tomorrow. Can the lads do it?


" It will be a tough game. The lads are raring to go but we'll need to do better than we did in the league match against Newkie."


Do you think the lads can find a way past Hislop this time?


"Well, Wee Mav has hit some form in his last two games, scoring that vital winner against Partick and the clincher against Asteria in the quarter final, so I'm reasonably confident."


It was great to see the wee man get his first league goal at last, and I had to laugh at The Bears chanting, "Fear The Mav" at full time. Just how valuable a strike might that turn out to be at the end of the season?


"Aye, it was a great way for Thomas to open his league account and give us such a vital win, although I'll readily admit that we didn't deserve to take all three points. I knew that it would be difficult to match Partick in terms of possession so I just tried to stay as close to them as I could and hope that our firepower could grab a goal. I would have happily taken a draw before kick-off so to be one up at half time was a real bonus. That allowed me to make some score dependant substitutions to save EL for the Glasgow match which I also knew would be tough."


Yes, you took a bit of a risk there, Gaffer.


"Aye, but as I said I'd have happily accepted a point so I took the risk and it paid off and I'm really glad I did as Goughie's second half injury would have given me selection problems for the Glasgow and Newkie games if I hadn't made those half-time subs."


Looking ahead to the weekend, Gaffer, we begin our Manager Cup qualifying games.


"Aye, I can't wait! The Manager Cup is my favourite competition by far and I'm really looking forward to playing teams that we don't meet on league duty."


Well time has run out, so I'll wish you and the lads the very best of luck for tomorrow's semi-final.


Till next time..............Make sure you tune in, Bears, for the Bear Essentials 100th Edition Special.


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - April 17th - 08:54:01
We'll do our best to make a game of it, Jon.
Jon Love - Adelaidonians F.C. - April 16th - 23:35:40
Managers Cup - first up Adelaidonians, should be an easy game for us!
Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

April 15th
08:45:46 GMT
View From The Summit
Slow but steady

This week saw Huascaran Heights play twice and depending on how you look at things, it was a chance for manager Parnaby to either restore some faith or give the doubters more ammo to fire.

The first game was at home against Warley Bromwich Albion and it was a great match up. By the end Parnaby was frustrated by the scoreline. He commented, "We out-did them on chances by 6-3, on shots by 4-0 and by shots on target by 2-0. Defensively, this was good but we could not convert our chances and had to settle for a 0-0 draw"

Game two was away at Missouri Legal Beagles. Using the same basic analysis Parnaby said, " This time we created the same chances, 10-10, but converting those to shots is where the Beagles did better. They out shot us 8-6 and on target by 4-3. Perhaps the 1-1 draw was a fair result but I am more delighted that ANdy Consodine got the MoM award."

The Peruvians need to start winning games and maybe the welcome relief of the Manager Cup might give them a chance to build some confidence.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 11th
04:25:17 GMT
Poles Apart
And Why is it Temporary

The next two matches are against Orgullo (Home) then Leicester (Away).

We are fifth in the table.

Orgullo are second in the table.

Leicester are first in the table.

Unless the clubs below us melt, it seems likely our league position will not be as satisfactory after these games. Now, it may be that the Lords of Fortune will choose these games to visit some miraculous event of chance upon our deserving club. Perhaps a rare double sending off for Orgullo's top players? Or maybe Leicester will concede three or four penalties in a prolonged fit of indiscipline and madness. Ah, 'tis but a dream. But what a sweet dream.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 11th
04:20:20 GMT
Poles Apart
Fifth is Good, But Temporary

Looking back: 

The referee was the main factor in our 2-0 defeat at the Dutch Masters. Butcher's red card was not the only card shown by the discipline mad official, and perahps in teh end we were lucky only to be down to ten men. This was especially annoying since we matched our opponents at the start, and were just getting back into the game when Butcher got his marching orders. 

At Villa Old Boys, it was another card happy official who, at least did not ruin the game. His attention was all on the home side, strangely, and Horwitz's 79th minute goal was a sweet reward for sticking to the plan.

Now, if i could only work out how my match instructions resulted in the bizarre tactical change that nearly screwed things up for us...


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

April 8th
13:17:13 GMT
View From The Summit
Given more time

The board at Huascaran Heights have today confirmed that manager Parnaby has been given a vote of confidence. This week the team played two games. The first was a draw an home against Harcester but although this was points dropped, we saw the welcome return of Jack Del Rio, and also saw Packie Bonner pick up the man of the match award. The second game, a 2-0 defeat at Calcydonian, saw Regis Hodges pick up the same award. This shows that the players are playing well and so the board are happy to allow Parnaby to continue. he has however, been given some help with tactics with the appointment of an assistant manager skilled in this area.


Jon Love - Adelaidonians F.C. - April 9th - 00:22:47
the dreaded vote of confidence!
Steve Turner
Asteria Kromatos

April 7th
13:24:11 GMT
The Big Bang

I need to apologise for all the NMRs this season and last. There are several reasons and excuses. 1. I started playing Pokemon Go a year and a half ago and now Ingress as well. These games involve going out into the real world and visiting parks, landmarks etc. When I used to do my orders in my dinner breaks at work I am now often going for a walk instead. 2. When I get home I spend time with my nearly 2 year old son who takes up nearly all my free time between work, tea and bed. 3. I was beginning to get on top of things but a week and a half ago my car failed its MoT and still hasn't been replaced. This has reduced free time even more. Luckily Sanc and OASL are between seasons but United has started up again and I really am struggling to keep going in The Manager. Orders are in for today and I'll try to keep things going.


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

April 6th
11:37:30 GMT
View From The Summit
Is the axe about to fall?

Rumours abound that manager Parnaby's time in charge of Huascaran Height is about to be cut short aftr a poor series of results. After a great campaign in the Origin Cup group stage, the team last lost the last 4 games. The last three were 0-5 against Reading, 1-2 against Bandidos and then a loss to Birmingham in the Origin Cup 0-2. Things have to improve soon.

On the plus side, the team is developing well and the young players have integrated well into the first team. One area that the manager has highlighted as an error, was filling the squad roster with new players. This left little room to trade due to the embargo and no options to bid on the player auctions. We will therefore be looking to offload at least one player soon, even if it is a simple player release.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 5th
10:45:25 GMT
Poles Apart
Home and Away

We started with a nice away win at Colorado, picking up 3 valuable points. Well done Sutovsky.

But it was down to earth at home against Chelsea suffering an awful 3-0 defeat. And that was aith our better sweeper.

All in all, a little puzzling.

Next session we continue our league campaign - sitting in 5th place right now - with away games against Dutch and Villa. Will be glad not to slip back after such a challenging session.


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

March 30th
07:56:03 GMT
View From The Summit
Look back...move on!

It was not a great week for Huascaran Heights. The first game was in the Origin Cup against Inbhir Narainn and a draw would have seen the Peruvians through to the knockout stage. Well, a close game saw them get that draw in a sterile game. However, it came at a cost as Ramius was injured, thus denting the squad flexibility a little. That said, Huascaran top the group, (no mean feat) and will face Birmingham FC in the next round.

The league game was at home against Hamilton and manager Parnaby opted to play his kids again. A defensive attitude nearly brought a point, but Hamilton scored and Huascaran had no answer. Again this was costly as Jockson was injured and one of those kids, Gomez, was sent off, damaging his own personal development.

No trading this week, the squad is full up and we are working on reducing trade embargo's so that we can trade later in the season.


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - March 30th - 23:44:37
You can retire players to make space in your squad if you want.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

March 29th
13:53:18 GMT
Poles Apart
Pre Session

This weekend, we have two league games. If ever there were a cause for celebration...

First, away to Colorado. Their season has been poor so far. Looking at the squad, it seems as if they lack a little depth to support their top players. Away matches are not our forte, but one day we will crack them.

The second game is at home to Chelsea, now sitting just behind us in the league. They do have strength in more depth than us (and Colorado) so this could go either way. Home advantage should be enough to ensure we are at least in contention for a share of the points. It won't be easy. A win would give us a buffer while we sort out some more damn squad rotation issues.



Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

March 29th
13:47:34 GMT
Poles Apart
Post Mortem

The title is a tad pessimistic in its outlook. We did lose at Tayside, but that was the cup, and that's all that needs to be said. More encouragingly, we did win at home against Gotham. A bit of revenge for the cup loss, and a personal career highlight for Max Weiss: three penalties, and all converted.

I do wonder about the wisdom of playing with aggression.

As an aside, how many professional soccer teams are sent out on to the pitch with instructions to be non aggressive? I suspect "Get stuck in!" is the default mode.

Back to the results. 

Things are definitely better in the league than the cup. Next up, a preview of the coming matches.


Steve Gregory
Colorado Rage

March 26th
22:21:43 GMT
Tranquil Times
Ross Jensen - a star in the making

Well done Ross Jensen! We asked a lot of him over the last two games but, boy, did he deliver. His five goals finally give the long-suffering Colorado fans something to cheer. His two MotM awards are well deserved.


Steve Gregory - Colorado Rage - April 12th - 18:58:29
I wish I had 10 more like him. He's now scored 8 goals in total, while the rest of
the team have managed 2 between them!
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - March 28th - 08:21:26
Jensen looks a great player, Steve. I wish my FWs could score five between them!
Jon Love
Adelaidonians F.C.

March 26th
05:17:48 GMT
The Onian
Good, good, bad, good.

Good - Match 13 Evolution cup, needing a win to guarantee a place in the next round. We won four nil, fantastic result, MOTM Fernando Torres Jr with all four. Second in the group. Perfect start to the week. 


Good - An MVP award, an extra desperately needed CP and 25k. Brilliant. 


Bad - Match 14 - a three one capitulation at the bottom club, Tricolores. They thoroughly deserved it, we didn’t. Move on. 


Good - We picked up a 1 15 FW in the auction for what seems to me (not that I know much about these things) a decent price. Tasty. 


Roll on next week!


PS. For those of you who might be interested, Charlie Fleming was a FWD who started out playing for East Fife, played once for Scotland (he scored 2 goals and was then subsequently dropped!) then move to Sunderland and latterly played over 300 times for Bath City scoring over 180 goals. Quality. 


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - March 30th - 15:28:36
Nice Charlie Fleming mini bio
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