Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

October 11th
04:50:48 GMT
Poles Apart
And the next three in a row for Elana Nil...

...looks like three losses in a row. 3-0 against Calcydonian and 2-0 against Fulham, sets up nicely against Barcayr for a 1-0 loss and a hat trick of descending defeats. If we can avoid that ignominy, after Barcayr it's Kaisayr then Rufous lined up for a shot at three wins in a row. Somehoe I doubt it. Please can we get back to league business? The league's random number generator is way more sympathetic.


Sergei Gavino
Gotham Villains

October 3rd
16:26:13 GMT
The Blackgate Gazette
Broken dreams in Gotham

The season in Gotham started being promising. Not far from the top of the table, and passing stages in the cup, many fans though the chance of be the surprise os the season was there. Now, the end of the first half finished it all. 

3 defeats in a row, one in the Evolution Cup and 2 in the league, left the team withouth options for glory. The Manager cup is there, but if the team can fight at a top level only against Evolution teams... adding the Origin squads won't be better.


"Winning a trophy wasn't the goal this season. We need some rebuilding, and just being in the high part of the table was enough to keep growing strong and have a real option in the future" said manager Sergei. But everybody were able to see the sadness in his eyes.



David King - Unsporting Lisbon - October 7th - 21:59:25
Keep going, Sergei. You never know what's round the corner in this game.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

October 3rd
03:18:47 GMT
Poles Apart
Three in a row for Elana Nil

Three wins in a row. Scarcely credible, but there you have it. Of course, just as we build up a head of steam in the league, there's a break for cup business. And our cup record is so poor, it's bound to set us back. Anyone got a few CPs going cheap?


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

September 21st
09:28:41 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 88: "What a Snoozer"

Welcome Gaffer, The Gers scraped through to the next round of the Evolution Cup courtesy of a penalty shoot-out success. Pundits called the game a "snoozer". Some of the comments in the papers called our performance "dreadful". Surely we should have expected better from the team?


"I think everybody is being very harsh on the players. They generated possession percentages of 8.1% and 8.3% in the second half. That should have been more than enough."


But Gaffer, the team only managed to generate one shot and that fell to Goughie who nearly hit the corner flag!


"I've got to defend my players here. The players can only generate percentage possession. It's then down to the MRP to determine how many shots come from that possession percentage. To put our 1 shot from 8% possession into context, there were 32 teams on cup duty on Tuesday. Our possession percentage ranked 6th out of 32, but our shot tally ranked a mere 28th. Only four teams managed fewer shots, two of those 'stalled' with 0% possession and one was our opponents on 1% possession."


 It's also been reported that you made derisory comments about Chris Woods' Man of the Match award.


"I wasn't being disrespectful to Woodsy. I just laughed when I read that a GK who literally had nothing to do throughout the 90 minutes was named man of the match."


I see what you mean, Gaffer. Well let's hope The Gers get some shots in this weekend.


Till next time.........................please MRP, no more 'snoozers'!


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - September 22nd - 22:05:00
I know the probability is low, but I would love the opportunity to face off against the Gers in the Manager Cup this season.
Les Lithgo - Newkie Illuminati - September 22nd - 18:01:41
Sounds like opponent stall tactic was effective then :)
Adam Meney - Sitan Dama - September 21st - 12:33:37
Ha. Nice one!!
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