Colin Scott
Sparta Partick

October 17th
10:58:38 GMT
Never Press

Thatís how I would describe the recent effort in the Evo Cup. As a manager I look at a dreadful result like that and ask - could I have done more? With a shot chance of 8 times my opponents my first thought is that should be enough to win any game. GKs didnít make a single save. In the first half young Hall wasnít asked make a save but when an SL 27 takes over you would like to think anything he has to deal with will be safe. Wrong. At the other end their SL 20 GK makes 3 saves but I was disappointed with the lack of shots from my lads. So itís back to league action for SPT and perhaps some better luck in the Manager Cup 🤞🏻


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

October 15th
12:50:58 GMT
View From The Summit
Looking for Inspiration?

Rumours abound at Huascaran Heights that manager Parnaby has taken to locking himself away from the squad training, and listening to power ballads at maximum volume. It is not yet clear if this is to mask the sounds of him crying in frustration or if he is seeking some sort of insight into how to take the team forward. Either way, the team is now sick to the teeth of Tina Turner, Bryan Adams and Meatloaf!


Colin Scott - Sparta Partick - October 16th - 22:38:52
Have to agree - spend that CP and your chances of success will improve. Age 2 players should be on
24 SL by now.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - October 16th - 12:05:47
Adding to Richard and David, you have the CP to coach up a few players, and GK
is the most important position IMO.
David King - Unsporting Lisbon - October 16th - 00:23:44
Unless you have auction plans you could also coach up Pedro Pedro a 4/25 FW would give Milas Mitic a strike partner.
Coach up your keepers. If you can afford to, coach them both up.
Richard Burnett - Inbhir Narainn - October 15th - 20:21:49
Max out the CP on Milas Mitic as soon as possible then try and improve your keeper situation.
Roy Rolsten
St Pauli Pirates

October 12th
23:04:41 GMT
The Pirate's Roar
[SPOILER] Seasonus Horribilus

This season is going from bad to worse. I knew we were going to be in trouble if we didn't get off to a good start as so many teams had picked the Pirates as a rival. We haven't played that badly so far, but just lack an edge to score enough goals - the ageing MA midfield no longer as potent as it once was. But injuries and some bad luck has seen a lot of dropped points and we have yet to win a league game this season. 

Friday's match was a point in fact - two random injuries to midfielders preventing another substitution means Saturday's game has had a complete re-haul of personnel and tactics - I can no longer go ball control vs rivals Chelsea. Double rivals Chelsea.  Cascadia who we played on Friday were also double rivals. So morale is taking an absolute battering and we now have twice as many injuries this season than any other Evo Div One team.

Well at least the OTF is 10 again. If only I had a midfield to use it... 


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - October 13th - 15:58:33
Yes, youíve had some tough breaks to contend with Roy, especially in the cup. Iím sure you will bounce
back next season if you do go down.
Colin Scott - Sparta Partick - October 13th - 08:13:38
Short term is not good for SPP but I think a rebuild from now will see a decent team starting in Div 2
next season - sadly
Richard Burnett
Inbhir Narainn

October 11th
21:28:30 GMT
Gurn From Nurn
Gurn from Nurn

Back in gods country overnight to give us every possible good omen for the big match vs MVV. Really hoping the rub of the Nairn green with see us to victory. Team is well rested but might have used up all our good luck vs BAL in the last game.
Trading wise weve been busy this past week. After signing the 0/9 FW in the last auction I took stock of the squad and noticed our defence was going to be light for future seasons. Seemed like a good idea to trade one of the older boys for a young gun, 1/14 was available and despite wanting to include an older DF we had to trade for CP. That left us light on CP and an abundance of DFs so we did the smart thing and traded away the older DF for some CP. Thanks to ORA and WBA for their part in the fairly straightforward negotiations. Also a belated thanks to DYN for the age 5 swap deal we did a few weeks ago.
That's most likely our trading complete for the season although we will probably take in an apprentice DF to try continue building a strong side for the future.
From Sunny Nairn, mon the Nurn


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - October 12th - 16:24:49
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

October 10th
04:18:17 GMT
Poles Apart
Bye Bye Cup. Hello League.

We finished our cup run with the expected loss to Tricolores, but it was nice to see the young squad members making progress.

We went back to league business with another expected loss to table topping Fulham. We are not good enough to trouble them. Yet. 

We dropped to sixth, but won't complain.

Next session, we have a home game against West Coast and an away game against Tricolores.

West Coast haven't done so well so far, and home advantage should be enough if the team performs to standard. Tricolores, however, are probably too good. Not as hot as Fulham, but close.  On the other hand, we will be able to send out a full strength team just to see what happens. 

But so, so glad to finish the nasty cup business.


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - October 10th - 11:14:21
I still don't get it, Ellis. Why so eager to dump out of the Cup?
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 7th
10:27:57 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 109: Mayhem!

Welcome Gaffer, I think I've just about recovered from last night's drama, but before we discuss that, let's spend a little time on Friday's game. The Gers were odds on favourites to beat Adelaideonians, but didn't. What went wrong?


"Aye, that was a shocker. I let the lads know in no uncertain terms that we have set high standards at this club and performances like that are totally unacceptable."


Well, you certainly got the desired response from the team last night, but to be fair to the lads it takes a rather unique set of numbers to distil 11 chances down to just one shot on target. Fortunately, the result didn't matter, and now on to last night's table topping clash against the Villains. Unfortunately, in this morning's papers, The Gers' scintillating performance has been overshadowed by the mayhem that broke out in the 20th minute. We've watched replays of the incident over and over again and we still can't believe what happened!


"Aye well, I don't want to get myself into trouble with the authorities, so I've got to be careful what I say here. I visited the match officials at half time and asked the referee why he had awarded Villains a penalty. He replied that McCloy had clearly stopped Knyazev's shot with his hands inside the penalty area. I reminded the referee that McCloy was our GK and he just looked back at me in stunned silence. I then asked if he had sent McCloy off for handball and he replied that he had sent McCloy off for hacking down Knyazev in the box. I asked when that had happened because it looked to me that the order of events were as follows: Knyazev shot, McCloy saved, the referee awarded the penalty then everyone stood around bewildered. There was no tackling involved, and certainly not by our GK! The referee just stared at me for a few seconds then ordered me out of his room."


Incredible Gaffer, just incredible. But your woes didn't end there, apart from Villains converting the penalty.


"Aye, the MRP then introduced its own unique brand of mayhem into proceedings. Somebody had to come off to allow Woods to replace McCloy. We were playing 4-2-4, so of course, the MRP sacrificed a MF player, thus creating an invalid formation. It then moved Robertson from DF into MF to compensate for its own error. So we had to play for 70 minutes without our No.1 GK, a key MF, and with a DF unnecessarily playing at a reduced level in MF."


I think just about everybody in the Main Stand could hear you shouting, "Just take Robertson off, *** **** ****!" Sorry Gaffer, we can't print that last part!


"Aye sorry, I was a bit animated by then. We were playing our best football of the season up till the incident, and although the penalty only reduced our lead to 4-1, I was worried that the lads would lose their focus. However, a sense of injustice appeared to spur them on and we reached the interval incredibly 6-1 ahead. My main job at half time was to calm them down and remind them that our shot percentage had been quartered so all they had to do was see out the second half. There was no need for further heroics and thankfully the lads did just that."


I hear that the club has written to the FA asking for an explanation of last night's incident which has been branded as "bizarre" and "unbelievable" by the media.


"Aye, but I don't expect we'll get a reply. I'm just glad it didn't have an effect on the outcome of such an important match."


Well, thanks once again for your insight, Gaffer.


Till next time................Hopefully there will be no more bizarre incidents affecting The Gers!


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - October 10th - 04:11:48
Funny. Tragic, but still funny.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

October 3rd
04:35:01 GMT
Poles Apart
Empty Cup

The damn cup.

All we want is out of the cup.

Last session, we beat Sorukoviso in the cup 3-2. Not good.

All we want is out of the cup.

Last session, we beat Chuzhou in the cup 2-1. Not good at all.

All we want is out of the cup.

At least it will be over, hopefully, once we get the final game over against Tricolores. Unless we completely screw it up, and win big time. With Gotham and Sorukoviso playing one another, a win would probably lead to us qualifying. No, no, no. Not what we want.

All we want is out of the cup.

Then we can get back to league business. Unfortunately, our first encounter is away at tabletopping Fulham, so that's unlikely to be three points in the bag.


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - October 7th - 10:23:07
I'm writing my guide, Ellis, but you won't like Chapter 3 as its entitled, 'Stay
In The Cups As Long As Possible'!
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - October 3rd - 11:21:07
Ellis, why do you want out of the Cup so badly? What's the benefit?
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

October 2nd
13:48:15 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 108: Qualified

Welcome Gaffer, we're safely through to the knock-out phase with a game to spare. You must be pleased with that.


"Aye, two good wins against FC Glasgow and Leicester, a win against Fulham and a disappointing draw against Asteria means we're through on ten points with a game to play, so I can't complain."


You splashed the cash again during the second auction bringing Michael Mols back to the club. You must have been really pleased with his debut, two goals and a man of the match performance!


"Aye definitely. Michael's a player I never get tired of watching. The way he can receive a ball at pace while facing his own goal; that clever little feint to his left then sudden turn to his right while controlling the ball is amazing. It takes defenders completely out the game. I laughed when the commentator said about how it affected one particular defender, "Wow, he's going to have to pay to get back into the ground after that one!"


Yes indeed, Gaffer, I don't think the poor guy realised that Michael had turned back to his right until the crowd roared when the ball hit the back of the net! Molsy's work rate is quite outstanding too.


"Aye, that's the main reason I paid all that cash for him. Opposition defenders are going to have a hard time when Molsy, Peter and Duke-Box are chasing them!"


It's back to league duty on Saturday when second placed Villains visit Ibrox. How do you see that one going?


"Well it will be difficult but the onus is on us to make the most of home advantage, and having already qualified means that the lads will be fit and raring to go."


Glad to hear it Gaffer. Well, thanks once again for your insight, Gaffer. Best of luck at the week-end.


Till next time................We're back home on league duty on Saturday, Bears!


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - October 3rd - 04:38:58
Brian is right. It's an impressive performance. One day you should publish your
guide to winning!
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - October 2nd - 17:56:37
I continue to marvel at how you keep your T11 and T16 a good 1-2 points higher
than all other teams season after season. Impressive.
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

October 1st
15:05:33 GMT
Old Colony Tap
Albert Kropp Makes Immediate Impact

Newly signed attacker Albert Kropp made an immediate impact this past weekend as he played his first two matches with the club. In his first outing as a Quaffer, the German forward took two ambitious shots, one of which was beautifully saved by Joburg Jaguars keeper Joe Gilbride. The other chance the he was rightfully judged offside.


In the team's Saturday contest, Kropp found the back of the net twice vs Tartessos A.C. helping Old Colony claim a 4-0 victory. The win also pushed Old Colony to the top of Group D in the Origin Cup. The Quaffers are three points up on old rivals Irn Bru Allstars, The two clubs meet to decide the group winner Friday evening. Early indicates point to Kropp starting in his third straight for the club.


Bryce Kalmbach
Cascadia United F.C.

October 1st
08:29:36 GMT
Northwest News
Still in Hibernation?

Four games through the league campaign and another four in the first cup competition of a new season and it seems the Mountaineers are still asleep in their caves from the offseason. A paltry return of 3 goals so far with no wins leaves the fans worried about a long season of despair, but there is hope with two solid goalkeepers and a defense that is stingy outside of the high altitude of Colorado who seem to have Cascadia's number this season. An injury to playmaker and midfield stalwart Lon Ali did not help matters this past weekend as it will hinder development and playing time for a special player that the manager hoped would be a key piece to unlocking opposing defenses this season. Up next a couple of tough games against Spartick and Chelsea, two teams full of confidence in the new season.


Les Lithgo
Newkie Illuminati

September 29th
20:14:04 GMT
The Enlightened


The Illuminati have demonstrated their defensive qualities so far this season... but boy oh boy are they struggling for goals.


The Cup was thought to be a high priority for the club this season. But with one group game left to go they sit bottom of the group with only one win... and drawing blanks in the last two matches has further demonstrated their attacking weaknesses.


The silver lining is only three points seperate the top of the group to the bottom - so everything is to play for against Chuzou; a draw means both teams go out! A win could see the winners through to the knockout phase. However, to do that will require goals - and that's not something Newkie are inding easy.


The coach has assured his strikers additional coaching in the coming weeks and apologised that so much effort has gone into the youngsters and defensive units so far. "There is some great talent here and we expect them to start to show it in the coming matches! We have looked a little toothless up front so far, but that's down to me. We'll see the attacking strengths soon I can assure the fans of that"


Bryce Kalmbach - Cascadia United F.C. - October 1st - 08:18:04
Feeling a similar pain so far this season.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - September 30th - 02:10:23 18 (Keegan). You seem on a good path to train up your defense, but I wonder how much you will have left
for the WG's and FW's. It will be a couple of seasons before Gutierrez can contribute.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - September 30th - 02:08:08
Les, your back line is pretty stout, especially with Peacock, Watson, and Woodgate. Ben Arfa leads a decent MF,
but little depth. Your front line is a bit light. Only two players above 20SL, and one
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

September 25th
08:47:44 GMT
Poles Apart
Our Cup Runneth Out

But not soon enough.

First up, Gotham beat us 3-0. Worst bit was the three bookings we received. Daft.

Next up, Illuminati beat us 3-1. At least we scored.

The cup pain continues with a game against Sorukoviso, then Chuzhou, both of whom will enjoy beating us. 

We confess to having one eye on the return to league matches. 

We hate the cup!


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

September 19th
10:18:29 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 107: Decent Start

Welcome Gaffer, a decent start to our league campaign sees us head the table as the teams prepare for the Evolution Cup group games.


"Aye, after our usual dodgy opening game, I can't complain."


Well, The Bears seem happy enough which is always a good thing! After an inactive pre-season in the transfer market you suddenly went into transfer overdrive with a couple of new arrivals and three departures. You certainly surprised many of The Bears, myself amongst them. What was your thinking behind all that, Gaffer?


"Well, two things. Firstly I wanted to reduce the average age of the squad and secondly, a good young 'Leader' is always a great addition to any squad. The opportunity arose to sign Lorenzo so I grabbed it with both hands! Big Amo is a leader through and through and should be a great servant to the club over the next four or five seasons. Bally not only helped to reduce the average age of our defence but also made a positive contribution to our T11. Once Amo and Bally had signed, it was obvious that some players would really struggle to gain a place in our starting line-up so it made sense that they moved on. I'd like to thank Nige and Goughie for their services to the club and I hope they do well at their new teams."


Yes indeed, Gaffer. It's good to have Big Amo back at the club. A few eyebrows were raised that you let young Davie Weir go.


"That was a difficult one, but I couldn't see both him and Stuart Munro playing this season. An offer came in first for Davie so he went, and besides, having spent a lot on Amo I needed to recoup some cash!"


Too true, Gaffer. Looking ahead to our Evolution Cup group games, we appear to have been drawn in a very competitive group.


"Aye, there will be some tough games ahead. FC Glasgow and Leicester always give us a hard game. Asteria and Fulham have started the season well, and I hate playing Fulham. It doesn't seem to matter how much of a possession advantage we generate against them, we struggle to beat them."


Yes, I remember that infamous 2-2 draw from a few seasons back when they stalled but still scored twice from virtually no possession!


"Aye, that still rankles, but it shows that nothing is certain in this game. We'll have to be at our best to qualify."


Well, thanks for your insight once again, Gaffer. Best of luck in the qualifiers.


Till next time................Cheer the team on to qualification, Bears!


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - September 20th - 23:37:35
Ten points and a +9 goal differential. I'd say that's more than a decent start to the season.
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