Roy Rolsten
St Pauli Pirates

December 10th
17:07:48 GMT
The Pirate's Roar
Final Reckoning

It was another mixed season for the St Pauli Pirates. A dreadful start in the league meant a long fight back back up to midtable security, but throwing everything at the last two games to avoid the final playoff spot didn't work. So a more EL conservative line-up was needed vs Chouzhu Elegant for the playoff game. We had just beaten them 3-2 away in our penultimate league game so confidence was high. But it still made nrevous watching on the Viewer until we went 3-0 up. 

So we survive in Division One for another season. I had hoped to bring more youth through, but the youth in Auctions is getting more expensive and I was too wary of losing games whilst training up youth. (I don't know how Stewart manages it! Youngest squad, but the highest in T-11/17 and the most cash in the bank?! (his 20k/per week party bonus helps!))

We made better progress in the cups this season. Knocking out a number of Origin teams out of the Manager Cup before losing to the Teddys in the semi-final.


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - December 11th - 11:52:32
Yes, Roy, you've got to keep chasing these weekly twenties. They soon add up!
Jose Augusto
Orgullo Atlético

December 9th
00:00:16 GMT
Pasión Colchonera
come back

I need buy CPs.... please,.. I come back... now


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - December 9th - 10:32:00
José, ahora no es el momento de comprar CP. Puede comprar hasta 50 por 50K cada
uno en la Pretemporada que se realizará próximamente. Eso te costaría 2000K y
solo tienes actualmente 1734K.
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - December 9th - 10:30:03
Jose, now is not the time to buy CPs. You can buy up to 50 for 50K each in the
Pre-season which is coming soon. That would cost you 2000K and you only
currently have 1734K.
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

December 5th
16:20:34 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 91: Cup Final Thoughts

Welcome Gaffer. I don't know whether to congratulate you or commiserate with you but I see you've got a big smile on your face so I presume you must be happy.


Aye, I'm delighted. Sure I'm disappointed at losing the Evolution final, who wouldn't be? However, The Manager Cup has always been my priority competition so to win it for a third time was just brilliant! There was very little difference between Partick, Lisbon and ourselves, so for us to have won both finals we would've had to have been very lucky, and similarly very unlucky to lose both. The odds therefore suggested that we'd win one and lose one and that's what happened.


Things didn't go too well for us in the Evolution final, did they?


No, unfortunately. We had an awful first half. We just couldn't seem to generate a shot whereas they seemed to be shooting at will. Then we lost our most influential defender, Craig Moore, to injury and we found ourselves two down before half time.


You haven't mentioned the penalties, Gaffer.


Well, Big Colin was still distraught this morning, our Big Colin, not their Big Colin, if you know what I mean, so I promised him I wouldn't mention the penalties.


Ah, I understand Gaffer but it was bizarre how a SL29 FW could have four penalty kicks saved in the one game.


Aye well, it wouldn't be a true Teddybears' season if we didn't lose at least one game under bizarre circumstances, and up until Friday that hadn't really happened this season.


You said after The Manager Cup final that you felt a bit embarrassed about using aggression to gain the possession advantage.


Aye, I don't like doing it if I can avoid it. It just seems an underhanded way to gain a significant advantage but after Friday's events I just couldn't take the risk in case USL played aggressively. As it turned out the game was still very close and we just got the necessary breaks to pip USL.


Well Gaffer, I'll let you get back to your celebrations.


Till next time.........join us when The Gaffer will be discussing some of the key decisions which made the season just gone so memorable for every Bear!


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - December 6th - 23:20:42
Nice piece, Stewart.
As usual.
Steve Allan
Aberdon F.C.

November 30th
12:20:46 GMT
Aberdon Advertiser
Sheep across the Northeast are terrified as the Don's finally win it all!!

This is the second time i've won the top division trophy (also with BS Heritage back in season 23) however this one feels much better as we werent expected to win it. I can't remember seeing many predictions before the season but my aim was a top half finish and have some cup success. The early training of my 3 FW's and GK have been instrumental in this, especially the strikers whose 40% goal ratio is by far the best in the league. Looking back the 4 game stretch going into the Manager cup was absolutely vital to us. A run of home to INB, away to IAC and home games against the cavs and USL was not one which looked good on paper however we managed to take 10 points from 12 and that vaulted us up into contention. 

At that point i fully expected us to be a cup team this season (we were in the origin cup final and faced a reasonably easy manager cup group) however a huge win against (at that point) title favourites MVV changed everything. An unlucky loss to TOR in week 35 seemed to signal our title challenge over (with the above mentioned run of games still to come) however we somehow managed to win them all and that was all she wrote.

We still have the cup final against cup specialists USL (who knocked us out of the manager cup in the semi's) and with a little luck this could go down as the best season in my Olmec managerial career.

Looking forward we are in great shape for next year too. We should finish close to 3500k which will allow us to buy a full allocation of CP next year and leave enough to buy a couple of youngster. We have the 3rd highest T11 while being much younger than the 2 above us and also having one of the younger squads in the whole of the Manager. 


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - November 30th - 21:19:55
..that if the AFC last for a 1000 seasons men will still say, this was their finest season.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - November 30th - 21:03:40
Congratulations on your fantastic season, Steve. Well deserved!
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

November 28th
20:50:10 GMT
Old Colony Tap
Fan Favorite Quint Set to Retire

American midfielder Quint announced his retirement this morning at a brief press conference at Etemereg. A long time fan favorite, Quint started his career as a youth player with Old Colony during season 32. He made a place for himself quickly, and by his second season (33), Quint was a starting midfielder for the Quaffers, racking up nearly 15,000 minutes over the next six seasons. Quint retires with the third most minutes played (16,246), and fourth most matches played (218) for Old Colony. Quint's 45 career goals places him eighth among Quaffers all-time. Quint also received the Man of the Match award 17 times. 


Quint was often seen as a model player during his years at Etemereg. Across 218 matches, the American recieved only 17 cards (16 yellow, 1 red) for a total of 66 DP's. Quint was suspended from match play only twice in his career. Asked about his image as a relatively clean player, Quint remarked with a cheeky smile, "I'm glad I could help the team by not getting in too much trouble...on the pitch." While his pitch career is marked by little trouble, the stout mid-striker was known for a ferocious appetite for beer, and late night shenanigans. One story has the American, along with another unnamed teammate, chasing pints at the Etemereg East Corner Pub until well past 4 am - only eight short hours before the team hosted rivals Missouri Legal Beagles during season 37. Quint scored both goals that day, leading his team to a 2-1 victory. The stuff of legend.


At the press conference, Quint expressed his gratitute to Old Colony supporters around the world. "I've been lucky to play for the best club in football. From the top of the Executive Board, through to the coaching staff, grounds crew, and physios - Old Colony is top class through and through. But more than this club, more than this team, the fans are top notch. By far the best, most loyal, and at times most critical, fans in football. I'll miss walking on the pitch at Etemereg, hearing 40,000 fans looking for three points. But I know I'll see a few of them down at the East Corner each weekend to watch the Quaffers carry on. First round's on me, lads!"


Cheers to you, Quint! We'll take you up on that pint!


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - December 6th - 23:21:13
A well deserved beer for that man.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

November 21st
04:16:19 GMT
Poles Apart
Let's go seventh

Yes, last sessions "Let's go fourth" turned out to be an invitation for the random universe to get its revenge. So, after two defeats we end up in seventh place. Maybe the prediction of seventh will help... It's unlikely we will do much given one of our games is away at Queens, and realistically the nest we can hope for is one win out of the session. So, the best we could get to if all the results went our way would be fifth, and that;s just not going to happen. Oh well, at least we do not have to worry about promotion too early!


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

November 20th
11:59:50 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 90: "Bridesmaid" No More!

Well Gaffer, after five seasons of heartache which included three runners-up finishes The Gers have finally clinched their first Evolution League Championship. Many congratulations to you and the lads. Just how did you feel when the final whistle sounded on Saturday?


"Well, a bit stunned really. Relieved and amazed that it had finally happened. The penultimate week in the league season was traditionally the week when our hopes were dashed by some pretty bizarre events, so for things to actually go our way this time left me with a rather surreal feeling, but in a nice way."


Some of the lads said you couldn't believe it had actually happened. You seemed very agitated as the second half wore on. Was that just nerves?


"I'm embarrassed to admit that I made a rookie error with the team's orders which could have cost us dear. I was so relieved to hear that final whistle go!"


I didn't want to ask about that, Gaffer, but since you brought it up, was that anything to do with our possession advantage all but disappearing in the second half?


"You noticed? Aye, I'd set the team out after our quarter final win over INB as I was trying to juggle EL while at the same time minimising the playing time of our T11 players who were one booking away from missing the semi-final. However, my plans were thrown into disarray by Greigy's horrific injury and I had to rework everything before the Tayside match. I just forgot to change our tactic to 'Longball' after I took McTavish off, but fortunately I got away with it."


Of course, its semi-final night tomorrow! The punters appear to make us favourites but how do you see that going?


"Aye, I've read the comments. A bit of mind games from Roy, perhaps? Look, this will be no walk in the park. St. Pauli are a good side who can be difficult to break down. They have three excellent MA players who could hurt any team. Games between us have always been close and I don't expect this one to be any different. However, the lads are ready and raring to go and now that the preparations are out of the way I'm really looking forward to it."


Well Gaffer, the very best of luck to you and the lads tomorrow night. After Saturday's triumph there can be only one way to end tonight's show.


Till next time, take it away, Miss Tina Turner!.......♬I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire ♫.........


Steve Allan - Aberdon F.C. - November 26th - 10:42:15
Congrats Stew
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - November 22nd - 20:17:39
Stewart, I'm confident we'll meet in a cup match next season.
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - November 21st - 20:55:28
Brian, how did you discover my secret fear? I was dreading meeting The Quaffers in
the final!
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - November 21st - 20:55:12
Thanks all, very much appreciated.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - November 21st - 17:04:45
P.S. I know your secretly happy the Gers don't have to face the Quaffers in the
Manager Cup this season.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - November 21st - 04:27:24
Congratulations, Stewart. An amazing team that truly deserved all it's achieved this season.
Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - November 21st - 04:12:42
Well done, as usual
David King - Unsporting Lisbon - November 20th - 22:19:00
Well played. Great team and a great season.
Adam Meney - Sitan Dama - November 20th - 19:36:18
Well Done!!! Take a bow son. Take a bow!!
Roy Rolsten
St Pauli Pirates

November 20th
00:47:26 GMT
The Pirate's Roar
Might WIn 3

Tactics are in for the Manager Cup semi-final vs Teddybears FC. I was tempted to go for a 90 minute stall and try our luck with penalties, but we're Pirates! We're going to go in fighting!n

The path to the semis has seen the Pirates beat 2nd in the Origin league MCC Caley, Torpedo  - the team with Malone the best coach in The Manager and Rufous Whistling in the knockout stages. Now we face the Teddys in an all Evolution side to the draw whilst the other semi is an all Origin league affair.

Recent league form has been great with a poor start to the season still meaning we're still in the battle to void the relegation play-off places. Beating Asteria 4-1 at the weekend was a real boost as it finally put us above the drop zone in 7th place, but only on goal difference from Asteria. The bottom three are now relegated and technically any team up to 4th place could get dragged into 8th place to face the playoffs. Our final league games are both away, first to Chuzhou then 3rd placed Tayside.

But we are now unbeaten in 11 games which included a weekend in which we beat Sparta Partick and drew 1-1 with the Teddys (having held the lead for an hour) and in the prediction league we have a 5pt lead at the top and can't finish lower than 5th. So morale is high and we look forward to the next week's games.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

November 14th
03:57:01 GMT
Poles Apart
Let's go fourth

the match against Fulham was a bit of a rarity in that neither we nor our opponents kept a clean sheet. After that, the 1-0 win against the Dutch Masters was a return to the Elana nil we like. Still out of the top three - and probably that's a good thing - for sure the squad is much improved. Of course, we will have to do it all over again soon. Meantime, still four league games to go, with a chance of picking up some points. Maybe we will hold on to fourth.


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