Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

December 13th
05:06:21 GMT
Poles Apart
Good Stuff

Any way you look at it, a session with a draw and a win has to be seen as a good one.

The 0-0 draw at West Coast was a really tight match, and could have gone either way. The dismissal of one of our players did not help the final surge for respectability.

The 2-1 home win against Tricolores was a triumph for our defense. Tricolores were on the offensive more, but lacked that killer touch.

This coming session, there's a crunch game against Chuzhou - who are going well at the moment - and then a home fixture against Queens, who have been struggling a wee bit. Let's hope we can report more good stuff.


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - December 13th - 14:02:57
I will take four points every session.
Bryce Kalmbach
Cascadia United F.C.

December 11th
22:12:48 GMT
Northwest News
Tis the season of spending

In a bid to keep the Mountaineers in the top flight the chairman opened the wallet in the final auction of the year to bring in a club record three reinforcements. Cascadia welcomes Roger Levesque, Kim Kee-Hee and Gustav Svensson to the Northwest. All three will be starters and feature heavily in the final games of the season.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

December 6th
05:20:28 GMT
Poles Apart
Missing Divine Intervention

Since Divine Intervention was turning out for Adelaidonians, we had to rekly on our existing squad.

A 1-1 away draw at Villa was not what we hoped for, but at least we got something out of the game. The other game in the session was also a draw, 0-0 at home to table toppers Fulham. So, on the whole, not a bad session, even if Chuzhou pulled further away from us in the league. And, even though one of our stars is supended.

This session, it's WCR away and Tricolores at home. Tricolores are in a slightly better position, but our home advantage should be telling. Should be. (And telling what?) WCR could get out of the bottom places with a couple of good results. We are hoping these good results can be postponed by a session at least.


Jon Love
Adelaidonians F.C.

December 1st
01:57:47 GMT
The Onian
Divie Intervention 2 - A win

and so it came to pass that divine intervention intervened and whispered in the referee's ear who decreed that a penalty be awarded to the away team. Fernando Torres duly stepped up to take said penalty and dispatched it forewith into the corner of the net. A goal ! Hoorah for the Onians, first win of the season.


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - December 6th - 05:15:43
You did say Divine Intervention was on your teamsheet. Well done!
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - December 1st - 10:40:23
Congrats on your first win Jon. Maybe your luck has turned and that young side of
yours will start to climb the table.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

November 28th
09:45:47 GMT
Poles Apart
Divine Intervention

Back to what we do best at: the league.

We had a good win against Gotham to cement our league position.

We lthen lost against Asteria, but the reserves and young lads went down fighting. Literally, in the case of Chekhover. But a 2-1 away result was no disgrace. Weiss' goal was the reward for hanging on in there. Fortunately, the other results in the league went in our favor, so we are still in fourth.

Unfortunately, our home game this session is against table topping Fulham. So, even if we pick up something in the away game against Villa, it's likely we'll slip back down the table, short of Divine Intervention. I've checked though, and I cannot see him listed on any of the team sheets..


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - December 6th - 05:10:46
After Celtic beat Milan to European Cup in '67, allegedly the Italians phoned
Jock Stein and said they would pay 100,000 for Jimmy Johnstone. Stein said:
"For which match?"
Jon Love - Adelaidonians F.C. - November 29th - 03:53:30
no he's playing for us this week, we need him more.
Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

November 26th
13:25:05 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Banana Skin?

Welcome Gaffer, we face Atletico Cubanos in the first knock-out round of The Manager Cup tomorrow. Our record against The Cubans is excellent and the pundits make us big favourites to progress. Has this effected your preparations?


"I'd be lying if I said it hasn't. We've just come off the back of a very hard game against Partick and an awkward game against Sorukoviso so it will give me the opportunity to put the depth of our squad to good use. However, that doesn't mean I'll be fielding a weak line-up, far from it. We have a bad habit of under-performing against supposedly weaker teams so I need to ensure that we safely negotiate this potential banana skin. Simply put, it is a game we must win."


I'm sure that Bears everywhere will be glad to hear that, Gaffer. The team has made a good start to the second phase of our league campaign.


"Aye, three wins from three is an excellent return. I'm pleased with that but we still have a very difficult task ahead of us to overtake Partick. The Jags just keep winning. Their league form has been awesome."


Yes indeed, Gaffer. Partick were eight points better than us against all the other clubs during the first half of the league campaign.


"Aye, that depresses me. I don't think we're a poorer team than Partick by eight points. We had some terrible luck during that first half of the campaign and I'm desperately hoping that it doesn't repeat during the second half."


I'm sure all the Bears will echo these sentiments, Gaffer.


Till next time................Good Luck to The Gers in their cup match tomorrow!


Phil McIntosh
Missouri Legal Beagles

November 24th
21:09:48 GMT
Beagle Bulletin
Why all this anti-cup sentiment?

We love the Cup.  The Manager Cup, that is.  We have fought season after season to advance in the Cup, and on those very rare occasions that we manage to scrape together the odd point to pull ourselves from the depths of the pool and make it to the elimination rounds....we usually forget the mid-week match and forget to send a squad to compete.  Not so this year, although given our opponent (#2 in the top division), we might as well stay home.  Oh, I hate the Cup.....


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - November 28th - 17:18:16
I agree. The Cups can be excellent.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - November 25th - 14:41:48
Tough matchup for your Beagles, Phil. Glad you made it out. Perhaps our sides will meet down the road for an
old school MSWL-United game. Up hill battle for both our sides.
Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - November 25th - 05:03:30
Try loving the cup when you are doomed to defeat. Add in injuries, suspensions,
morale drops, and despondency. The cup? Yuk!
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

November 19th
05:45:09 GMT
Poles Apart
Bye Cup, Hello League

Glad that's out of the way. The Manager Cup, I mean. We finished our torture with a 2-0 loss to mighty Hamilton. Then it was back to league business. Glorious league business. Great league business. wonderful league business. Joy of joys, league business. Yes, we like the league.

Lowly Adelaidonians were our first port of call on the league return, and we duly picked up the expected win with a 3-0 result. Adelaidonians are rebuilding. Slowly. 

This session it's a home game v Gotham and an away game v Asteria. Not sure if we can overtake Chuzhou in the league, but will hope to at least hold on to fourth slot for now. If we were to make a real push for promotion, it might be better to fail, as the squad doesn't look like beaing equipped well enough for the higher division. But we will keep a watching brief.


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