Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 22nd
06:34:50 GMT
Poles Apart
Predictions are tricky


Last session > 

"Fulham away. Tight game expected." Result: we won 3-0.

"Chuzhou at home. Not so open." Result: we won 3-2. Close. Too close.

Predictions? Tricky stuff. but we will not complain about the two wins.

Next up, Illuminati away, then Villains at home.


Illuminati away, then Villains at home. Beyond that, we're predicting nothing!


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - April 22nd - 17:00:50
"all I did was pick the home team every match"
You mean there's another possible strategy?
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - April 22nd - 12:04:10
I think the best I ever did in the predict-o league was 2nd, and that season
all I did was pick the home team every match. Perhaps I should try that again
this season....
Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - April 22nd - 06:35:26
How come the

tags don't work?

Les Lithgo
Newkie Illuminati

April 21st
08:46:58 GMT
The Enlightened
Disciplinary Problems?


Newkie have seen themselves soar up the table in the last three games - unfortunately the table in question is the Fair Play table.


The Cup game against Elana saw star midfielder Ben Arfa give away a penalty and received a red card. The manager didn't have a problem with this as he thought this was just him showing his passion an eagerness to get stuck in for the team.


In the following game against the gigh flying Teddies his young up and coming midfield protege seemed eager to show he was learning from Ben Arfa. After picking up a garsh yellow card early in the game Mira was stupid when he took Ferguson out before the half hour, giving away a penalty and picking up a straight red for his naievty.


With the ban not due to kick in till the following weekend he was free to play against Fulham - fined and warned it seemed to be reflecting in the subdued performance. When the referee showed Mira a yellow card just before the half hour in this game it was not readilly apparent what he'd done wrong. The manager was aghast to discover it was because the youngster hadn;t removed his jewelery or covered his ring up! The result - he's now out for three games after reaching 20 points (still has the 10 point 1 match ban to serve). This will be a huge dent to his development. He still needs three games to maximise his youth development and puts a lot of pressure on the other midfielders to cover his absence... his partnership with Ben Arfa in the middle of the park won't be seen for a while and this is a huge blow for the boss as he was seeing real potential.


"We've had a further team meeting regarding discipline, Whilst we're not too concerned that we're seen as a dirty team - we're not - we do know that as the season progresses suspensions can make a real difference - we'd hate to see any of our players miss out on any big games at the end of the season, so we'll be looking to clean our act up in the coming weeks"


Bryce Kalmbach - Cascadia United F.C. - April 22nd - 21:52:26
I feel your pain on the discipline suspensions this season. 3 of our men are in top
10 hardmen for D2 and we've lost our top FW to a 2 game ban now. Just playing
normal too.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 18th
10:21:35 GMT
Poles Apart
Back to the future

Also known as the league.

Let's try and forget the end of our cup adventure (ahem) with a return to league busiess.

Fulham away. Tight game expected.

Chuzhou at home. Not so open.

We go into these matches with a sense of optimism.

(An inquiry is under way trying to establish where that optimism came from. But for now, it is what it is...)


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 17th
03:17:29 GMT
Poles Apart
We love the cup. The cup doesn't love us.

That 7-1 thrashing at the hands of NEI was bad. Really bad. Clearly there is still much to improve, but there's also a need to not get too dispirited. Qualifying was an improvement. Maybe we should not have dreamed of more than that.

Congratulations to NEI. Hope they go far. Away.


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - April 18th - 03:13:01
Teams that beat us by six goals are not welcome back... Of course, having said
that, you can see what's going to happen in the next cup draw.
Les Lithgo - Newkie Illuminati - April 17th - 21:49:18
Em, thanks... I think lol. Harsh result,
maybe going down to 10 men pushed us harder
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - April 17th - 11:12:27
"Hope they go far. Away." The gave me a good chuckle this morning.
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 16th
04:06:07 GMT
Poles Apart
WE love the cup. Does the cup love us?

Well, we made it out of the qualifying round. That's a first. Can we win a knockout match? We will find out tonight in the eagerly (if nervously) awaited fixture against the mercurial illuminati. The stats look close, but that doesn't always translate into a close match. It's not fair to say this is our season on the line, but it is hugely significant, and would be a great step forward if we could get a result. Progress compared to last year. And a wee bit more validation for Plan M.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 11th
14:34:27 GMT
Poles Apart

We still like the cup. But that 6-0 hammering by The Mighty Teddys (TMT), and the blowout fine, have really taken the wind out of our sails. Thankfully, we returned to league business with a 6-0 crushing of Glasgow. Still no idea how we managed that.

This week, who is first up in the league? TMT! Oh dear. Away. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Our other game is at home vs Leicester. We should do better there!


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - April 12th - 15:18:17
It's a thought. Maybe I should have bought some LO players. Then again, that's
not what Plan M says.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - April 11th - 23:17:21
Perhaps play some youth vs TMT, and throw everything you have against Leicester?
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

April 10th
14:52:22 GMT
Old Colony Tap
Veteran David Bowman Set to Retire

Old Colony defender David Bowman is set to retire this week, ahead of the team's game at Spartan's Arena. The American spent the last six years at Etemereg, playing reliably in the backfield. While never a true wingback (he scored five goals on 39 shots across 138 games), Bowman was always a presence in the backfield who was never afraid to move up and help on the other side of the center circle. The largest contribution Bowman provided was his stout defense when the club reached the semifinals of both the Origina Cup and The Manager Cup in season 39. While the Quaffers failed to reach either final that season, this was a high water mark for the team and Bowman personally.


At the time of this article, Bowman has made no public comment. This might sound unusual, but for the quiet American it seems perfectly normal. Rumours abound he may join the club in a junior coach role. Hopefully we get more information on his plans before the weekend games commence Friday afternoon. Enjoy a pint or two, Mr Bowman. You've deserved it.




Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

April 4th
16:03:19 GMT
Old Colony Tap
An Uneven Roller Coaster Season

It's been a mostly good start to the season for Old Colony. The Quaffers started the league campaign with back-to-back home wins. Unfortunately, the side then lost in the final minute at Orpington, costing the team at least one point in what was until the 89th minute a boring draw-in-the-making. The team pulled themselves up and won the next two, including the Origin Cup group stage opener against Thames Ironworks. Looking for a third straight victory, Old Colony went up against what most fans and pundits considered a weaker IAC Korea. As with the Orpginton loss, the Quaffers gave up a very late goal that cost them at least another point. The team did win their next two group stage matches, both 2-0 victories over Clarendon and Dalgety. With two Division One road games on the horizon, players and fans are desparately looking for a third straight win to boost morale, and send the team into Exodan Arena riding high.


Noteworthy Statistics:

Player of the season so far has certainly been German attacker Albert Kropp. Through seven games played, Kropp has scored five goal on ten shots, which includes three penalty kicks converted.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

April 4th
04:09:17 GMT
Poles Apart
We almost completely love the cup

We love the cup. We love the cup. We love the cup.

Well, except when we lose.

The win against Gotham ensured we qualified, but the loss against the Pirates confirmed we have a way to go. And, unless we are really lucky in the draw, are unlikely to survive the knock-out stage. Still, it's a major improvement on last year. To that extent alone, Plan M has delivered.

Our last cup game against the mighty Teddys (aka TMT) won't change much, so long as we don't get too many injuries. A physical approach would seem tempting but for the uncertainty of it all. Besides, TMT would probably kick back!

Let's not forget the league to which we return with a home game against Glasgow. They are sitting well near the top right now. Doubtful they are a meaningful threat to Teddys or Sparta, but that's not to belittle their solid squad. We would like to have a squad like that one day. (Not sure we can, but that's another story.)


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

April 3rd
09:38:29 GMT
The Bear Essentials

Welcome Gaffer. Two comfortable wins at the weekend saw us safely through to the Evolution Cup knock-out phase. However, our injury curse struck again.


"Aye, Big Amo's injury was about the only negative from the weekend. Other than that I was pleased with the two results which, as you said, saw us safely through with a game to play."


That's our fifth injury from our first seven games, Gaffer. Are you sure there isn't something amiss with your training regimes? Do you think you're pushing the lads too hard?


"No, I always maximise our training opportunities at the beginning of a season, just like many other clubs, so I don't think it's that. We've just been unlucky, that's all. The most difficult thing from my perspective was their adverse effect on my EL management plans."


But a similar thing happened last season, Gaffer. Something must be taking a toll on the players' physical fitness.


"As I said, I'm happy with our training routines. It's just bad luck, which will hopefully change soon."


I hope you're right, Gaffer. Things are looking better on the penalty front after the weekend's games. We were awarded another one and Shota actually scored this time!


"Aye, I was holding my breath when he began his run up. I think the whole stadium breathed a collective sigh of relief when the ball hit the net."


Yes indeed, Gaffer. Well, we're now even with our opponents at two penalties awarded and one scored. Maybe this will actually be the season when we better our opponents.


"Aye, that would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath on that one."


We finish our qualifying campaign with a game against Elana, then it's back to league duty with a couple of home games.


"Aye, it will be nice to play at Ibrox once again. It seems a long time since that happened!"


Too true Gaffer, Best of luck in this weekend's games.


 Till next time................Welcome the lads back home on Saturday, Bears!


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

March 28th
18:25:42 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Weekend Blues

Welcome Gaffer. A good start to our Evoultion Cup qualifiers but I hear you weren't too happy at the end of the Tayside game.


"Aye, you could say that. I was pleased enough with our overall performance which was probably our most convincing of the season so far in terms of possession. However, we just couldn't hit a barn door. Shota summed it up when he saw our first penalty of the season saved. All these missed chances nearly came back to haunt us when they got a penalty late on. Thankfully Peter saved it or I'd really have been raging! Then to make matters worse, our injury curse struck. The skipper had just recovered and now he's injured again. Stuart Munro also picked up a knock which will see him miss the next game."


I see what you mean, Gaffer. Some punters voiced their surprise that you didn't bid for any players in Saturday's auction. Can you explain your thinking, especially with a very tasty 2/21 UT on offer.


"Well, I'd stated after the first auction that I was happy with the squad and wasn't actively looking to bring in anybody else. Sure, I considered the UT player. Who wouldn't consider such a good player? However, I just didn't see him fitting into my team plan so didn't think he was the right signing to make for the club at this time."


Well, that will come as a surprise to many of the Bears who expected you to at least make a bid for such a good player. However, we'll bow to your judgement, Gaffer. You let Thomas Buffel leave the club this week.


"Aye, Thomas knew his game time would be limited following the arrival of Stuart McCall so we decided that it would be in his best interest if he moved on. I'd like to thank Thomas for his services. At the height of his form he was one of the best players ever to have worn a Teddybears' jersey."


I'd certainly second that, Gaffer. Thanks for your time. I'll let you get on with your preparations for this weekend's games.


 Till next time................Can The Gers secure their place in the knockout phase this weekend?


Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - April 1st - 16:27:50
You've got the wrong week, Brian. The article refers to our previous weekend's
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - April 1st - 15:20:19
A blue weekend for a team that won 4-0 and 4-1?
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