Alexander Dow
 Nationality:  Scotland 
 Team:  Ballingry United  
 Pos A/SL:  FW 5/17 
 EL:  100 
 Clubs:  1 (BAL)
 Seasons:  6 Season(s)
 Circa:  From Season 35 to 40 
 Career Rating:  66.4 
 Special Ability: None
 SL at Aggressive:  21 
 SL at Passive:  12 
 SL at Dirty:  21 
 SL Loss at Post Season Aging:  4 
Out Of Position EffectiveSL
Career Out Of Position Minutes
0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
40BALOrigin Division 13270122000001000000086.7
40BALOrigin Cup2180011000000000000084.0
40BALThe Manager Cup1901220000111000000101.0
39BALOrigin Division 114108041613000010914101-7081.9
39BALOrigin Cup4360253000013314100093.3
39BALThe Manager Cup3270164000002200000093.0
38BALOrigin Division 11914401224243000321010000084.1
38BALOrigin Cup5405397000023334100092.4
38BALThe Manager Cup6360486100010104100075.7
37BALOrigin Division 2171530923212000028512300089.4
37BALOrigin Cup4315021000000000000078.3
37BALThe Manager Cup3270144000010300000089.7
36BALOrigin Division 318143572114000012728200082.2
36BALOrigin Cup4360276000000200000090.0
36BALThe Manager Cup5450031000002214100086.6
35BALOrigin Division 2119230740000002018210078.5
35BALOrigin Cup4360132000010114100085.3
35BALThe Manager Cup2180000000001010000087.0
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