Bill Parcells
 Nationality:  United States of America 
 Team:  Orpington Inkspots  
 Pos A/SL:  FW 5/20 
 EL:  58 
 Clubs:  2 (HAM,ORP)
 Seasons:  6 Season(s)
 Circa:  From Season 35 to 40 
 Career Rating:  74.6 
 Special Ability: None
 SL at Aggressive:  25 
 SL at Passive:  15 
 SL at Dirty:  25 
 SL Loss at Post Season Aging:  5 
Out Of Position EffectiveSL
Career Out Of Position Minutes
0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
40ORPOrigin Division 28570387000022644100086.4
40ORPOrigin Cup3270032000000204100083.3
39ORPOrigin Division 1181556622180000228220500086.2
39ORPOrigin Cup5331677000020200000083.4
39ORPThe Manager Cup21450110000000010010074.5
38ORPOrigin Division 1191365622200000311820000083.8
38ORPOrigin Cup7411365000005304100081.4
38ORPOrigin Playoffs163000000000104100076.0
38ORPThe Manager Cup4309011000001200000082.3
37HAMOrigin Division 2171513716152000104126610083.2
37HAMOrigin Cup2180255100000100000094.5
37HAMOrigin Playoffs190222000010004100093.0
37HAMThe Manager Cup2180000000000000001-5780.0
36HAMOrigin Division 115130561110100003110000085.5
36HAMOrigin Cup4360011000000000000081.5
36HAMOrigin Playoffs145000000000100000068.0
36HAMThe Manager Cup3270255200000000000083.3
35HAMOrigin Division 15450022000000324100085.0
35HAMOrigin Cup3270000000000104100081.0
35HAMThe Manager Cup4360011000001104100082.3
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