Gordon Durie
 Nationality:  Scotland 
 Team:  Teddybears F.C. (Capt) 
 Pos A/SL:  FW 5/21 
 EL:  79 
 Clubs:  1 (TED)
 Seasons:  4 Season(s)
 Circa:  From Season 36 to 39 
 Career Rating:  82.5 
 Special Ability: Chaser (Capt)
 SL at Aggressive:  26 
 SL at Passive:  15 
 SL at Dirty:  26 
 SL Loss at Post Season Aging:  5 
Out Of Position EffectiveSL
Career Out Of Position Minutes
0 (0%)0 (0%)45 (1%)
39TEDOrigin Division 13195153000001300000083.0
39TEDEvolution Cup4315252000002200000085.3
38TEDOrigin Division 119116492321100035804100080.7
38TEDEvolution Cup9600577100013220000082.0
38TEDThe Manager Cup10743101714100033818200089.2
37TEDOrigin Division 122140314292700004614314110082.9
37TEDEvolution Cup85643108000015800000086.0
37TEDThe Manager Cup859551111000021900000089.4
36TEDOrigin Division 11811751324210000311028200081.2
36TEDEvolution Cup6423244000001214100082.3
36TEDThe Manager Cup6441286000012420000085.7
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