Vlada Stosic
 Nationality:  Serbia 
 Team:  Tartessos A.C.  
 Pos A/SL:  MA 2/26 
 EL:  64 
 Clubs:  1 (TAR)
 Seasons:  1 Season(s)
 Circa:  From Season 39 to 39 
 Career Rating:  79.2 
 Special Ability: Leader
 SL at Aggressive:  32 
 SL at Passive:  19 
 SL at Dirty:  32 
 SL Loss at Post Season Aging:  5 
Out Of Position EffectiveSL
Career Out Of Position Minutes
0 (0%)90 (4%)
3942TARHARDivision 390010000000110000085
3941TARHEADivision 3902220000002000000103
3938TARCOLDivision 390000000000000000080
3937TARUSLThe Manager Cup90111000000000000076
3936TARMLBDivision 330111000001004100070
3935TARWBADivision 390111000000100000092
3934TARINBThe Manager Cup90000000000020000086
3933TARCALDivision 330010000000000000057
3932TARHUADivision 390000000000000000076
3931TARHAMThe Manager Cup90000000000000000081
3930TARDivision 360000000000000000076
3929TARDivision 390111000000000000088
3928TARDivision 345011000000200000075
3927TARThe Manager Cup90000000000000000087
3926TARThe Manager Cup60011000001100000088
3925TARThe Manager Cup45000000000100000069
3924TARThe Manager Cup90000000000200000089
3923TARThe Manager Cup30010000000000000057
3921TARDivision 390111000000004100084
3920TARDivision 330000000000000000060
3918TARDivision 3602540000002000000106
3917TARDivision 390022000010200000094
3915TARDivision 345000000000000000068
3914TARDivision 3902440000101000000107
3913TARDivision 390011000010010000091
3912TAROrigin Cup90111000010000000089
399TAROrigin Cup600220000001010210077
397TARDivision 3521110000011010210072
396TARDivision 390122000010000000093
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