Paul Copeland
 Nationality:  Not Recognised 
 Team:  Ballingry United  
 Pos A/SL:  FW 6/18 
 EL:  100 
 Clubs:  1 (BAL)
 Seasons:  1 Season(s)
 Circa:  From Season 40 to 40 
 Career Rating:  85.2 
 Special Ability: Athletic
 SL at Aggressive:  22 
 SL at Passive:  13 
 SL at Dirty:  22 
 SL Loss at Post Season Aging:  5 
Out Of Position EffectiveSL
Career Out Of Position Minutes
0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
4042BALGUFDivision 190122000000004100090
4041BALTORDivision 160222000000000000093
4039BALBIRDivision 190111000001000000097
4038BALIBADivision 1902440000100000000106
4036BALMVVDivision 1902320000010000000101
4034BALHAMThe Manager Cup90022000000110000096
4033BALINBDivision 1902220000000000000102
4032BALSPADivision 190122000010100000095
4030BALCPRDivision 190011000001000000090
4029BALOLDDivision 1902320000010000000102
4028BALAFCDivision 190011000001100000094
4026BALCATThe Manager Cup901540000001000000103
4024BALCOLThe Manager Cup902220000101000000104
4023BALTDMThe Manager Cup90122000010200000098
4020BALTORDivision 1901220000011000000104
4018BALBIRDivision 190011000000200000088
4017BALIBADivision 190122000010100000096
4015BALMVVDivision 190132000000300000098
4014BALUSLDivision 190000000000000000081
4013BALINBDivision 190000000001100000089
4011BALREAOrigin Cup902220000101100000105
4010BALTHAOrigin Cup90111000000200000097
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