SCOREBOARD: Match 18 - October 20, 2018
Origin Division 1 Matches
Unsporting Lisbon
Old Colony F.C.
Old Camp
Preview & Comments
Irn Bru Allstars
M.V.V. Caledonian
Girders Gate
 M.V.V. Caledonian are a rival of Irn Bru Allstars 
Preview & Comments
Clarendon Park Rangers
Aberdon F.C.
St Leonard
Preview & Comments
Birmingham F.C.
Ballingry United
St Andrews
Preview & Comments
Spartak Rangers
Guff Wanderers
Spartans Arena
Preview & Comments
Torpedo Belgrano
Inbhir Narainn
Preview & Comments
Origin Division 2 Matches
Athletico Cavaliers
Rufous Whistling
Kristyn Park
Preview & Comments
Tartessos A.C.
Thames Ironworks F.C.
Cosmos Stadium
Preview & Comments
Calcydonian F.C.
Weymouth Black Death
Calcydonian Park
Preview & Comments
Orpington Inkspots
Hamilton Invaders
The Yard
Preview & Comments
Sitan Dama
Reading Rattlers
Nostromo Dome
Preview & Comments
I.A.C. Korea
Sheepshagger Stadium
Preview & Comments
Origin Division 3 Matches
Atletico Cubanos
Missouri Legal Beagles
Calixto García Iñiguez
Preview & Comments
Clarkston Catalans
Dalgety Hearts
Eaglesham Cross
 Clarkston Catalans are a rival of Dalgety Hearts 
Preview & Comments
F.C. Barcayrlona
Harchester United
Nou Somerset
Preview & Comments
Castellon Bandidos
Warley Bromwich Albion
Red Stadium
Preview & Comments
Quokka Chaos
Huascaran Heights
Rottnest Island
Preview & Comments
Colwinston F.C.
Dynamo City
Berkshire Park
Preview & Comments
Evolution Division 1 Matches
Chelsea Old Boys
Teddybears F.C.
Stamford Bridge
Preview & Comments
Newkie Illuminati
Sparta Sorukoviso
Zion Fields
 Newkie Illuminati are a rival of Sparta Sorukoviso 
Preview & Comments
F.C. Glasgow
St Pauli Pirates
Dear Blue Place
 F.C. Glasgow are a rival of St Pauli Pirates 
Preview & Comments
Gotham Villains
Sparta Partick
Crime Alley
Preview & Comments
Leicester Foxes
Cascadia United F.C.
King Way Stadium
Preview & Comments
Colorado Rage
Orgullo Atlético
The Cage
Preview & Comments
Evolution Division 2 Matches
Villa Old Boys
Adelaidonians F.C.
The Park
 Adelaidonians F.C. are a rival of Villa Old Boys 
Preview & Comments
Montevideo Tricolores
West Coast Raiders
Parque Central
Preview & Comments
Gotham City Knights
The Dutch Masters
Arkham Asylum
 Gotham City Knights are a rival of The Dutch Masters 
Preview & Comments
Chuzhou Elegant
Fulham Town
Langya Temple
Preview & Comments
Asteria Kromatos
Tayside Tigers
Dark Side of the Moon
 Tayside Tigers are a rival of Asteria Kromatos 
Preview & Comments
Queens Rangers
Elana Torun
Mismatch Lane
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