SCOREBOARD: Match 31 - May 15, 2018
The Manager Cup Matches
Teddybears F.C.
The Dutch Masters
Neutral Venue: 26945
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Colin Scott with the correct prediction. Nice. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
TED through with no issues. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Very happy with that. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
There are usually upsets at this stage of the competition, we can't be one
of them. - Stewart Miller (TED)
It's rather difficult to see any team upsetting your squad this season, Stewart. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
You have three (3!) players with ten goals or more. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
Ah Brian, I thought you would appreciate that if Lady Luck decides that it
ain't your day..... - Stewart Miller (TED)
...then it doesn't matter how big an advantage you generate, you're out! - Stewart Miller (TED)
5-0 to Teddys. Sorry Brian... - Colin Scott (SPT)
Definitely Stewart, I agree. But (and there's always a but), your side have won
15 straight, - Brian Beerman (OLD)
and 17 straight unbeaten. That's just incredible. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
There are certainly some teams that can challenge you (USL might even be
favourites) - Steve Allan (AFC)
but this doesn't look likely to be one - Steve Allan (AFC)
Rufous Whistling
Torpedo Belgrano
Rufous Whistling win on penalties
Neutral Venue: 15100
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Misjudged that one a bit but the ref was a homer. - John Malone (Torpedo Belgrano)
GG, John. We were lucky. Paying the EL price now. - Rob Fallon (Rufous Whistling)
Wow. A win on penalties but no improvement to morale. Tough crowd. - Rob Fallon (Rufous Whistling)
We’ve hit a tough patch 8n the league and our focus is naturally there. - John Malone (TOR)
But we could also do with the extra revenue of more cup games. Dilemma! - John Malone (TOR)
Go with your instincts, mate. League is way more important :) - Rob Fallon (RUF)
Teallach out for you guys is a problem, but us missing Wilson might be
worse. - Rob Fallon (RUF)
I can be competitive in the next two games but the question is when to
rest the Vane Twins - John Malone (TOR)
We knew that Teallach would be out soon, so that's no surprise. - John Malone (TOR)
So the decision is both Vane's here, one per half, just one or none?
Tough call. - John Malone (TOR)
We've an advantage in DEF with RUF having to protect a couple of players
& Wilson being out - John Malone (TOR)
Spartak Rangers
Tayside Tigers
Spartak Rangers win on penalties
Neutral Venue: 22213
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Tigers would have to be totally committed to this and I just can see Mark play T11. - Colin Scott (SPT)
Aberdon F.C.
Atletico Cubanos
Neutral Venue: 15278
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Expected a tough game... what a waste of el - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
I don’t think Cubanos turned up. Ball control? Sounds like the assistant set this up. Utter pish. - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
I didn't even pick up on the BC, definitely a assistant set with with only 3 MF's - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
AFC tired or suspended. You won’t get a better chance than this Derek! Best of luck - Colin Scott (SPT)
The stavrum suspension certainly screws with my plans a bit - Steve Allan (AFC)
Sitan Dama
Clarendon Park Rangers
Neutral Venue: 23367
 Sitan Dama are a rival of Clarendon Park Rangers 
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My squads exhausted. Adam will be facing
the b team. - Ed Hollox (CPR)
The usual pregame shenanigans you would expect from a Ranger. - Adam Meney (SIT)
Sparta Partick
Neutral Venue: 29961
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What the hell are Leadership bonuses?? - Paul Roseblade (Kaisayr)
We got done like a kipper - Paul Roseblade (Kaisayr)
Not played many teams with 8 players at SL25 or more and the others are just below the 25 - Paul Roseblade (Kaisayr)
Ahhhhh, Grasshopper! - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
F.C. Glasgow
Birmingham F.C.
Neutral Venue: 21464
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2 good teams and should be a cracker but I can’t see past Whitey doing the business. - Colin Scott (SPT)
Reading Rattlers
Guff Wanderers
Guff Wanderers win on penalties
Neutral Venue: 22232
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Well done Guff. Better than I thought 👏 - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
Reading - 4 suspensions and a few EL worries but I’ve got 50p on them to win this. - Colin Scott (SPT)
Ballingry United
Montevideo Tricolores
Neutral Venue: 19462
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High scoring match here with equal shot percentage. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Tight game. Well played lads 👏 - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
Cup or league? Big decision to make... - Colin Scott (SPT)
Asteria Kromatos
Old Colony F.C.
Neutral Venue: 20346
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Well planned and played game, Steve. A little too close for my liking, your side was strong today. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Not surprised by the result but curious about AK lineup.... not like Steve - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
Hoping to avenge our S37 loss to the Tomatoes. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
AK fighting like fk to stay in D1 and only managing to score 1pt has left the squad shattered. - Colin Scott (SPT)
On the other hand, OLD well rested after their last 2 games having let the second 11 out to
play - Colin Scott (SPT)
Andy Ritchie may factor into this contest. Very strict. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
St Pauli Pirates
Colorado Rage
Neutral Venue: 22237
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Better stats, better shot chance, lost heavily. I could.go on but I'm just going to wish my opponent good luck in the next round - Roy Rolsten (St Pauli Pirates)
Both teams rested and ready for battle - Roy Rolsten (SPP)
The most interesting of all the ties - good luck lads 👏 - Colin Scott (SPT)
Sparta Sorukoviso
Queens Rangers
Neutral Venue: 14101
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Unsporting Lisbon
Calcydonian F.C.
Neutral Venue: 25140
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CAL rested up a bit so that helped. Safely through. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
USL rested? Check. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
Three players 30SL+? Check. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
Six attackers 26SL+? Check. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
Almost seems unfair really. - Brian Beerman (OLD)
Elana Torun
Quokka Chaos
Neutral Venue: 22863
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Glad that's over. We did not deserve to lose, but can have few complaints as we return to the league program. - Ellis Simpson (Elana Torun)
No, really, why does everyone have more special players than us? What we
could do with a few mor - Ellis Simpson (ELA)
Special players? They’re all pish. Play your T11 and win this Ellis - Colin Scott (SPT)
Athletico Cavaliers
Inbhir Narainn
Neutral Venue: 18528
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Tartessos A.C.
Hamilton Invaders
Neutral Venue: 18777
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2-0 up then lose 6-2 yuk - Matt Cooper (Hamilton Invaders)
Battle of the second strings - Colin Scott (SPT)
Friendly Match Matches
Orgullo Atlético
Leicester Foxes
Neutral Venue: 4343
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