SCOREBOARD: Match 34 - November 7, 2017
The Manager Cup Matches
M.V.V. Caledonian
Calcydonian F.C.
Neutral Venue: 22909
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Congratulations, Bill! - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
St Pauli Pirates
Torpedo Belgrano
Neutral Venue: 19886
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Inbhir Narainn
Colwinston F.C.
Neutral Venue: 13170
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I.A.C. Korea
Teddybears F.C.
Neutral Venue: 28784
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would IAC have been better to save EL for the league? - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
would IAC have been better to save EL for the league? - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
5 shots to 3 and they played without their main striker for most of the match. Could have been close if their keeper had played better. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
TED were all over them and deserve the win but IAC could have got lucky. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
The Gers are a team on a mission. Who can stop them (now that the Quaffers are out)? - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Disappointed with the way Possession translated into Shots On Target, but overall it was a great outcome for us. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Old Colony F.C.
Aberdon F.C.
Aberdon F.C. win on penalties
Neutral Venue: 28535
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I thought Sapp's penalty saving ability was going to kill us, very relieved - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
:( Knocked out (early) from both cups this season. Just terrible luck in both losses. Not destined to win a cup anytime soon. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Very good, close game, Steve. Well played by your side. Congratulations! Good luck vs Glasgow. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Two penalties in game to hang on to OLD and then 4-2 in the shoot-out. ABE lucky to get through here and could easily have gone the other way. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Unwin's ugly miss in the shoot-out will live in Old Colony memories for a long time. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Ugh, still disheartened by this result. Really thought this was our season to get into the semifinals. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Really unlucky with the penalty issues, Brian. Looks like we’ll have to wait another season for that elusive TED v COL cup tie. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
F.C. Glasgow
Weymouth Black Death
Neutral Venue: 23880
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Sparta Partick
Chelsea Old Boys
Neutral Venue: 29012
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SPT sweep through here, worthy winners. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
A decent run but came up against a strong team. - Andy Shaw (Chelsea Old Boys)
Wishing my GK had made a save or perhaps I could have played the donkey and rested the number one...? Thanks for the game Andy! - Colin Scott (Sparta Partick)
Unsporting Lisbon
Newkie Illuminati
Neutral Venue: 23247
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Ridiculous stats from USL - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
Yeah. They should really be doing a lot better in the league. :) - Adam Meney (Sitan Dama)
Right team won, no complaints. But ridiculous GK sending off ruined this for us... - Les Lithgo (Newkie Illuminati)
It only looks good because they went down to 10 men and lost their main keeper. We scored twice after that happened. At 2-1 they were right in it. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Well played, Les. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Don't worry guys. As soon as we're out the cups we'll concentrate on the league. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Definitely a great effort from Newkie! Unfortunate to lose in that way (I'm sympathetic, Les, as we lost in similar fashion to IAC in Origin Cup - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Ah Les, your cup curse continues, but USL were in the ascendency when Hislop walked. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
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