SCOREBOARD: Match 40 - November 21, 2017
The Manager Cup Matches
St Pauli Pirates
Teddybears F.C.
Neutral Venue: 29662
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Much like ourselves SPP were just outmatched. Sets up real clash of the titans - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
For once the result matched the stats. We came back into the game for the final half an hour. Wonder what would have happened if I'd stalled... - Roy Rolsten (St Pauli Pirates)
Congratulations Stewart. The better team won. Now go win the final for the honour of the Evolution league! - Roy Rolsten (St Pauli Pirates)
Great advert for the game. Well played both teams. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Good game, Roy. Once again it was a very tight affair. Two unlikely scorers...I bet the bookies were smiling after that! - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
We'll certainly do everything we can to promote the honour of the Evolution League in the final! - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Congratulations on a strong win, Stewart. Well deserved trip to the Championship. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Aberdon F.C.
Unsporting Lisbon
Neutral Venue: 30693
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Was hoping we could sneak a 1st goal and stall but wasn't to be, good luck in final - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
Your T11 would have been a much tougher nut to crack but I can't blame you for wanting EL for the league. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
If it was just the league i would maybe have went for it but with the Origin cup final also to come there is no way i could T11 4 games in a row - Steve Allan (Aberdon F.C.)
It's certainly tough when this time of the season generates more than one big match for teams. Difficult decisions have to be made. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
I hope you get something from your season, Steve. Very well played, Mr. King. I look forward to our meeting in the final! - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Congratulations, Dr King. You always come through in the big games (I should know, you've won a few vs our side). Good luck in the finale. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
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