SCOREBOARD: Match 44 - June 29, 2019
Origin Cup Matches
Sitan Dama
Old Colony F.C.
Neutral Venue: 20896
 Old Colony F.C. are a rival of Sitan Dama 
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We were lucky to get a great day from our GK. I think that made the difference. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Well planned game, Adam. Cheers mate! - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Super excited to win our first cup. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Congratulations, Brian. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Congratulations Brian. Will that be another tankard added to next season's banner? - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Well Done Brian!! Totally deserved victory. - Adam Meney (Sitan Dama)
Evolution Cup Matches
Teddybears F.C.
Gotham Villains
Neutral Venue: 23194
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Congratulations, Stewart. Another trophy for the cabinet. Cheers! - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
TMT does it again. Tough on GTH who just needed a wee bit more luck. - Ellis Simpson (Elana Torun)
Thanks Brian. Delighted to lift the trophy but disappointed that we struggled to turn our dominance into goals. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Good game, Sergei. As expected, you gave it everything and on another day you might just have sneaked it. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Second division and no cup. But I had to try it. :( - Sergei Gavino (Gotham Villains)
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