SCOREBOARD: Match 44 - November 30, 2017
Origin Playoffs Matches
Orpington Inkspots
Guff Wanderers
Neutral Venue: 12270
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Bah! ORP remain up here. Well played, James. GUF will be back i'm sure. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Hard luck Mike. - We got some goals for once. Maybe the tactics change helped. It has been a real struggle to score this year. - James Tucker (Orpington Inkspots)
Clarendon Park Rangers
Rufous Whistling
Neutral Venue: 23240
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CPR have been resuscitated back into Div 1 - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Congratz CPR. Commiserations RUF. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Congratulations, Ed. We're on for another season of CPR v OLD! - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
Thanks all, commiserations to Ruf. Brian, I'd be up already if you hadn't given up against Bill ;) - Ed Hollox (Clarendon Park Rangers)
Dalgety Hearts
Dynamo City
Neutral Venue: 13209
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Well done, Connor. Good result. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
F.C. Barcayrlona
Calcydonian F.C.
Neutral Venue: 26335
 F.C. Barcayrlona and Calcydonian F.C. are rivals of each other
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Controversial but it looks like a win for Roseblade. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
A lot of cards for a FAIR referee. - Brian Beerman (Old Colony F.C.)
EvolutionPlayoffs Matches
St Pauli Pirates
Chuzhou Elegant
Neutral Venue: 16498
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SPP get the win. Well played. COU will be back i'm sure though. - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
Congrats, Roy. I'm sure you will return soon, Kev. - Stewart Miller (Teddybears F.C.)
Whoops! Missed this one. Didn't realise i had a game! Thought i was already relegated! - Kev Hull (Chuzhou Elegant)
West Coast Raiders
Montevideo Tricolores
West Coast Raiders win on penalties
Neutral Venue: 15032
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Not exactly a goal fest. I'm surprised the penalties aren't still going! :-) - David King (Unsporting Lisbon)
WOW! Good job Robin! - Willy Krosnyak (Montevideo Tricolores)
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