Tartessos A.C. (TAR)
CoachFran Morillo
StadiumCosmos Stadium (40000)
CaptainPedro Santamaria
Coaching Points20
One Touch Football1
Morale0.52 (0.10)
LeagueOrigin Division 2: 6th
EstablishedSeason 3 (2003)
NicknameThe Tartessos
Following (Avg)24,957 (30,550)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Oceana (OCE)S3 - S14
Route 66 Rebels (REB)S15 - S23
Tokyo Skywalkers (SKY)S24 - S33
Ashburton Central F.C. (ASH)S34 - S38
Past Coaches
Steven McLeod (S3-3), Serge Smirnoff (S4-5), Neil Watson (S6-14), Dave Dowson (S15-23), Lee Elkins (S24-33), Nathan Taljaard (S34-38),
Trophy Cabinet
Division 1 Runner Up123
Division 3 Winner25 28
Origin Cup Runner Up319 21 22
The Manager Cup Winner118
The Manager Cup Runner Up123
Wooden Spoon236 37
Name  (21 Players)PosASLELPU
Mitchel Webb GK224855
Kaleun GK6201007
David Clinton GK7111000
Carter Blythe SW2181001
Kari Arneson SW7131000
Ken Monkou SW5121000
Gavin Trout DF221852
Robin Mulgrew DF321651
Marlon Scorsetti DF118703
Taylor Whiley DF515490
Rename DF1101000
David Wooderson DF891000
Paul Rubble MF226667
Parker Haynes MF4151000
Chris MVilla MF7101000
Vlada Stosic MA327666
Pedro Santamaria (c)WG521591
Julius Asanghe WG219991
Arthur Pattersson FW428597
Harry Smylie FW226757
Melvin Schootie FW710750
Players With Special Abilities
Kaleun Swansong
Vlada Stosic Leader
Parker Haynes Shooter
Pedro Santamaria Passer
Kari Arneson Athletic
Unavailable For TradeMatches
Rename 7
Kaleun 6
Team Form
Last 10: LWlWwLWWlw
Team DPs: 50
Tartessos A.C. are rivals to 1 teams.
Recent Transactions
September 18, 2018
TAR sends 125k, Juan Roberto (6/17 DF) to ORA for Kaleun (6/20 GK).
September 3, 2018
1/10 DF Rename (Bosman) signs in the draft.
February 16, 2018
0/8 DF Marlon Scorsetti (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
February 13, 2018
1/13 WG Julius Asanghe (Bosman) signs in the draft.
July 24, 2017
0/8 SW Carter Blythe (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 FW Harry Smylie (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 MF Paul Rubble (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 DF Gavin Trout (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 GK Mitchel Webb (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/13 DF Rename (Bosman) signs in the draft.
February 5, 2017
1/13 MF Parker Haynes (Bosman) signs in the draft.
August 23, 2016
1/13 DF Taylor Whiley (Bosman) signs in the draft.
Team Needs
Season 40 Kit
Next 5 Matches
17 Oct 19 @Hamilton Division 2
18 Oct 20 Ironworks Division 2
20 Oct 26 Cavaliers Division 2
21 Oct 27 @Orpington Division 2
23 Nov 02 (n)Dalgety The Manager Cup
Last 10 Matches
16 Oct 16 L0 - 4(n)Aberdon Origin Cup
15 Oct 13 W2 - 1Korea Division 2
14 Oct 12 L3 - 5@Sitan Division 2
13 Oct 06 W3 - 1Calcydonian Division 2
12 Oct 05 W1 - 0(n)Joburg Origin Cup
11 Sep 29 L0 - 4(n)Colony Origin Cup
10 Sep 28 W4 - 3(n)Missouri Origin Cup
9 Sep 22 W1 - 0(n)Kaisayr Origin Cup
8 Sep 21 L1 - 3(n)Allstars Origin Cup
7 Sep 15 W1 - 0@Rufous Division 2
About Tartessos A.C.
Coach's Bio: Fran Morillo

My name is Fran Morillo, I am Spanish, age 38 years old, and I live in a town called "the Viso del Alcor", near Seville.
My greatest treasure, are my wife, Maria Jose, and two sons, Jose Miguel and Maria .... Being a parent is very nice, but sometimes a very tiring job.
I work managing a family business dedicated to trade and sell fish, we have several fishmongers in Seville, and in different towns of the province.
I have enough experience in the olmec leagues, I participated in two or three spanish leagues (sadly missing, Cosmos, MSFC, CEFIPE ...), I was even in a game director, I have also participated in major leagues, as FLATNZ and SESL, the latter is the best league in which I played, there is a high level in this league and Mark does a great job, exactly this is the last league in which I participated,iN SESL I won 2  1º division championship and six cups in 13 seasons ... actually I took two sabbatical years olmec (my occupations and my family, do not leave me time), but the invitation of Adam has awakened in me again the itch to play.
"The manager" with SESL, for me are the two best leagues Olmec, I say this without wanting to belittle the other leagues olmec.

In this league I see many old familiar faces, there are great managers, in this league ... and especially in my division, scary level there.

My favorite hobbies are football, I'm a fan of Real Betis Balompie (Viva er Beti manque pierda!), Be with my family and good friends, and play strategy games (war and sport).

I consider myself someone who would never like to lose ... I never or hardly ever give a match for lost. I'm a very competitive person, and I have no definite game I adapt to each opponent, so I can be offensive, defensive, or dirty, as the rival ....

Well that's all folks .. luck to all and may the best win!

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