Birmingham F.C. (BIR)
CoachDaz Park
StadiumSt Andrews (40000)
CaptainSlade Wilson
Coaching Points0
One Touch Football1
Morale0.77 (0.00)
LeagueOrigin Division 3: 1st
EstablishedSeason 4 (2004)
NicknameThe Blues
Following (Avg)30,815 (34,009)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Real Fisicaro (FIS)S4 - S10
Past Coaches
Michael Fisicaro (S4-10),
Trophy Cabinet
Division 2 Winner135
Division 2 Runner Up217 19
Division 3 Winner132
Division 3 Runner Up26 28
Origin Division 3 Information
Michael Trudeau GK41776300000691500000000089
Frank West GK225151350000011283940004100088
Gladiolus Amicitia SW122141175020000000150001-6479
Tyrion Lannister SD0138689000000000104101-2979
Mohan Ghale DF61817950030000020390000069
Alan McLaren DF2251814401630000010208200083
Elias Chikane DF3211914151330000005512300076
Vitaly Tchernenko DF3221613051310000022148200083
Jason Brody DF6133103000000000000000054
Viktor Marchenko DM2251914680440000203124101-2380
Petyr Baelish MF119151260152000000140000078
Edward Buck MF5158505033000000014100070
Aaron Keener MF3221613951210000023212300078
Ramsay Bolton MF0158720121000003120000082
Jon Snow MA0136519174000001100001-5287
Radich Nikoladze MA225181300614111000146220500080
Slade Wilson MA52619139562014000013914101-5482
Jack Joyce FW3272116001736352000401540000089
Noctis Lucis Caelum FW12218138162212000015748202-10084
Jacob Fry FW41615113441510000022814100083
* Denotes player no longer with club.
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