F.C. Barcayrlona (FCB)
CoachDaniel Roseblade
StadiumNou Somerset (40000)
CaptainJasper Weigl
Coaching Points45
One Touch Football1
Morale0.36 (0.03)
LeagueOrigin Division 2: 8th
EstablishedSeason 4 (2004)
NicknameThe Barcayr
Following (Avg)15,584 (27,792)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Locomotive Chaos (LOC)S4 - S6
Dutch Chaos (DUT)S7 - S8
Rastafarian Kaos (RAS)S9 - S11
P-Funk All-Stars (PFA)S12 - S12
Santa Cruz F.C. (SAN)S13 - S19
Leeds Forest (LEE)S20 - S26
Totaalvoetbal F.C. (TOT)S27 - S27
Past Coaches
Jose Freitas (S4-6), Orville Huiskens (S7-8), Greg Sealby (S9-12), Douglas Pires (S13-16), Richard Burnett (S17-18), Clyde Whiting (S19-19), Barnaby Newling (S20-25), Ross Cherry (S26-26),
Trophy Cabinet
Division 1 Winner215 19
Division 1 Runner Up116
Division 2 Winner213 18
Division 3 Winner231 36
Origin Cup Winner410 11 16 18
The Manager Cup Winner215 16
The Manager Cup Runner Up135
Wooden Spoon16
The Manager Cup Information
* Denotes player no longer with club.
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