Kinglassie Miners (KIN)
CoachConnor Fallon
StadiumThe Welfare Ground (40000)
CaptainMark Watney
Coaching Points0
One Touch Football9
Morale0.58 (0.00)
LeagueOrigin Division 3: 10th
EstablishedSeason 24 (2011)
NicknameThe Miners
Following (Avg)23,029 (20,699)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
None Recorded
Past Coaches
None Recorded
Trophy Cabinet
Division 3 Winner124
All Competitions Information
Sunday Whitmore GK01510746000011819000010010078
Walter Padick GK61375280000671310000001-6679
Shannon Wayve GK220231780000023456820008200083
Alfie Jack SW614161356020000010234101-5377
Aaron Kaufman SW614191592000000010020001-2877
Kingston Reacher DF015191710031000000288200083
Myers Ortego DF12225220811060000104164101-5283
Shamus Onus DF42824216039710002061312300083
Randall Flagg DF678640000000000010001-6977
Henry Gough DF1202622500610000004154100081
Mark Watney DF5212419943750000206114101-2681
Gary Anderson DF675360000000000100000075
Tom Calder DM22310855132000011250002-10782
Mark Whale MF015181486162000012254100077
Shozaburo Shimano MF611151305020000001020000076
Will Jones MF221131045011000000610002-5374
Eric Esch MF611121080011000000230000075
Ian Rosarius MF325252141618152000224128200081
Curtis Adamson MA62010802277000000020001-6180
Joren Sonnyson WG0149796010000000000001-5778
Alberto Hienstein FW122242070376000002304100081
Hamilton Koy FW015191618164000001314100081
Eddie Dean FW710121009021000000204101-3075
Petre Molodov FW0151411272540000121118210079
* Denotes player no longer with club.
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