Huascaran Heights (HUA)
CoachMike Parnaby
StadiumHuascaran Stadium (40000)
CaptainJim Craig
Coaching Points2
One Touch Football2
Morale0.25 (0.00)
LeagueOrigin Division 3: 12th
EstablishedSeason 24 (2011)
NicknameThe Huascarans
Following (Avg)9,820 (19,583)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
None Recorded
Past Coaches
None Recorded
Trophy Cabinet
Division 2 Runner Up126
Division 3 Winner125
Division 3 Runner Up133
Name  (25 Players)PosASLELPU
Packie Bonner GK425837
Gav Lostner GK1171007
Jose Rivas SW1201007
Jim Craig (c)DF524604
Andy Consodine DF3231007
Tony Vidmar DF1221007
Marko Ramius DF5151000
Hector Sevilla DF015807
Regis Hodges DF212850
Joey Jockson DF1101000
Jack Del Rio MF424835
Bobby Collins MF524994
Kevin McGerridy MF122827
Craig Storie MF4201002
Raul Sanchez MF0151007
Tommy Callaghan MF614800
Dimitri Payet MA613800
Teth-Adam WG5221005
Floyd Lawton WG617660
Pedro Pedro FW3221002
Milas Mitic FW1211007
Mark Burchill FW6161000
Jeff Astle FW615800
Sergio Gomez FW014806
Gerry Creaney FW313830
Players With Special Abilities
Bobby Collins Anchorman
Mark Burchill Athletic
Unavailable For TradeMatches
Joey Jockson 6
Pedro Pedro 6
Dimitri Payet 1
Team Form
Last 10: lLdlWlldLW
MVP: lLd
Team DPs: 144
Huascaran Heights are rivals to 5 teams.
Recent Transactions
April 21, 2018
Auction 5: Acquired Pedro Pedro 3/20 FW.
March 3, 2018
GTH sends Teth-Adam (5/18 WG), Floyd Lawton (6/17 WG), Eobard Thawne (6/14 WG) to HUA for Eyal Berkovic (4/19 WG).
February 26, 2018
HUA sends 600k to TED for Tony Vidmar (1/15 DF).
February 25, 2018
OLD sends Marko Ramius (5/15 DF) to HUA for 90k.
HUA sends 60k to LEI for Jeff Astle (6/15 FW).
February 10, 2018
AFC sends Andy Consodine (3/16 DF), Craig Storie (4/18 MF) to HUA for Johan Mjallby (4/21 DF).
February 5, 2018
HUA sends 75k, Andrew Ward (3/12 GK) to REA for Dimitri Payet (6/13 MA).
HUA sends Davie Hay (5/20 MF) to INB for Jack Del Rio (4/19 MF).
February 3, 2018
HUA sends 200k to AYR for Joey Jockson (1/10 DF).
February 1, 2018
0/8 DF Hector Sevilla (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 MF Raul Sanchez (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 FW Sergio Gomez (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
Team Needs

We need a creative fund raiser to ensure the financial situation is always better than 'okay'!

Season 39 Kit
Next 5 Matches
35 May 25 Reading Division 3
36 May 26 @Bandidos Division 3
38 Jun 01 @Harchester Division 3
39 Jun 02 Calcydonian Division 3
41 Jun 08 @Albion Division 3
Last 10 Matches
33 May 19 L0 - 3@Hamilton Division 3
32 May 18 L1 - 2Tartessos Division 3
30 May 12 D3 - 3@Dalgety Division 3
29 May 11 L3 - 4@Clarkston  Division 3
28 May 05 W1 - 0Colwinston Division 3
27 May 04 L1 - 3(n)Tayside The Manager Cup
26 Apr 28 L0 - 1(n)Spartak The Manager Cup
25 Apr 27 D1 - 1(n)Korea The Manager Cup
24 Apr 21 L0 - 3(n)Quokka The Manager Cup
23 Apr 20 W6 - 0(n)Fulham The Manager Cup
About Huascaran Heights

Huascaran Heights are already at the top, being the club occupying the stadium with the highest elevation on earth! Based in 'deepest, darkest Peru' the club mascot is Paddington Bear!

Coach's Bio: Mike Parnaby

Well, thanks to Stewart Miller at Teddybears, I am finally here at The Manager. For those who don't know me, I have been playing various Play By Mail games for about 20 years now, and you would have thought I would have gotten the hang of things by now! Sadly my success record tells a different story.

I live in Guisborough, in the North East of England with my wife and son. I support Partick Thistle for my sins and I enjoy playing Subbuteo table football (a passion for over 40 years now), and painting (pictures not walls). I have also recently discovered a great game called KLASK, google it, it is great fun!

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