Gotham Villains (GTH)
CoachSergei Gavino
StadiumCrime Alley (40000)
CaptainVíctor Creed
Coaching Points9
One Touch Football1
Morale0.41 (0.05)
LeagueEvolution Division 1: 11th
EstablishedSeason 35 (2016)
NicknameThe Villains
Following (Avg)18,223 (27,080)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
None Recorded
Past Coaches
None Recorded
Trophy Cabinet
Division 2 Runner Up137
Name  (21 Players)PosASLELPU
Gregor Gregorovich GK325885
Darkseid GK218855
Víctor Creed (c)DF5211004
Oswald Cobblepot DF6201007
Hector Hammond DF117855
Al Trapone DF217852
Victor Fries DF6161000
Edward Nygma DM5211004
Anthony Lupus DM220854
Anthony Lilliman DM4201003
Garguax MF213700
Robert Terwilliger MF291000
Anthony Ivo MA3201004
Maxwell Jensen MA313830
General Zod WG4241005
Otto Octavius WG521773
George Grant WG618801
Kazimierz Kazimierczak FW2231007
Anatoli Knyazev FW521593
Arnold Wesker FW6181001
Slade Wilson FW711710
Players With Special Abilities
Oswald Cobblepot Swansong
Edward Nygma Leader
Darkseid Big Match Player
General Zod Chaser
Víctor Creed Wingback
Arnold Wesker Athletic
Slade Wilson Athletic
Anthony Ivo Athletic
Unavailable For TradeMatches
Hector Hammond 4
Team Form
Last 10: LlWDdlldwW
Team DPs: 66
Gotham Villains are rivals to 4 teams.
Recent Transactions
February 1, 2019
1/12 DF Hector Hammond (Bosman) signs in the draft.
August 17, 2018
1/12 FW Kazimierz Kazimierczak (Bosman) signs in the draft.
March 2, 2018
0/4 DF Al Trapone (5k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/4 MF Robert Terwilliger (5k) is promoted to the senior squad.
February 7, 2018
0/6 DM Anthony Lupus (150k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/11 GK Gregor Gregorovich (Bosman) signs in the draft.
July 3, 2017
0/6 MA Anthony Ivo (150k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/6 MA Maxwell Jensen (150k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/10 WG General Zod (Bosman) signs in the draft.
January 12, 2017
0/6 DM Anthony Lilliman (150k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/11 FW Anatoli Knyazev (Bosman) signs in the draft.
September 23, 2016
0/6 DM Edward Nygma (150k) is promoted to the senior squad.
Team Needs

Bad guys with good pace.

Season 41 Kit
Next 5 Matches
19 Apr 24 (n)Colorado Evolution Cup
20 Apr 26 @Chuzhou Division 1
21 Apr 27 @Elana Division 1
23 May 03 (n)Huascaran The Manager Cup
24 May 04 (n)Adelaidonians The Manager Cup
Last 10 Matches
18 Apr 20 L0 - 3Leicester Division 1
17 Apr 19 L0 - 1@Glasgow Division 1
16 Apr 16 W2 - 1(n)Chelsea Evolution Cup
15 Apr 13 D1 - 1Colorado Division 1
14 Apr 12 D1 - 1@Spartick Division 1
13 Apr 06 L2 - 4@Illuminati Division 1
12 Apr 05 L0 - 1(n)Chelsea Evolution Cup
11 Mar 31 D0 - 0(n)Cascadia Evolution Cup
10 Mar 30 W3 - 0(n)Villa Evolution Cup
9 Mar 23 W4 - 0(n)Orgullo Evolution Cup
About Gotham Villains

When Gotham City Knights was created, a few villains were recruited by the heroes to fill the squad. Playing along them, they would have benefits on their stay in Arkham Asylum.

But the villains had their own plan. Leaded by Ra's al Ghul, several GCK players scaped from their cells to found their own team. Now the villains are recruiting criminals from all over the world to dominate the league. Will their evil masterplan succeed?



1st division young man of the year (Gregor Gregorovich, season 39)

1st division offside traps leader (Oswald Cobblepott, season 39; Victor Fries, season 40)

1st division team offside traps (x2) (Seasons 39, 40)

2nd division top goalscorer (Slade Wilson, season 37)

2nd division man of the year (Slade Wilson, season 37)

2nd division shining star (x2) (Slade Wilson, seasons 36-37)

2nd division playmaker (Teth-Adam, season 37)

2nd division hardest man (Victor Fries, season 37)

3rd division top goalscorer (Amos Fortune, season 35)

3rd division most offensive team (season 35)

3rd division young boot (Slade Wilson, season 35)

Coach's Bio: Sergei Gavino

Born in 1976, Sergei lives in Seville (Spain) where he alternates his manager duties with a job in social media marketing.

When not training his players, Sergei is probably attending some gigs or indie music festivals, or even playing songs in them along his partner in Amparos DJs.

Curiously, he never watches a football game. Even when he reads sport press often, he's more into signings and performance rather than the play itself. That's the reason behind loving manager duties in Olmec or other games like Football Manager. Other strategy games you can find him often are Stratego, Aerena or VGAPlanets.


Trophy cabinet

1st division (x4) (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, seasons 19, 23, 24, 27)

2nd division (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, season 17)

3rd division (x2) (Gotham Villains, The Manager, season 35; Buckie Thistle, SESL, season 38)

CFEM Cup (Monster United, CFEM, season 1)

SOS Cup (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL-SOS, season 10)

SFLSL Cup (x4) (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, seasons 19, 21, 23, 30)

McBride Cup (x5) (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, seasons 21, 23, 24, 27, 31)

McBride Plate (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, season 30)

SFLSL Manager of the Year (Orgullo Atlético, SFLSL, season 23)


Teams managed

Buckie Thistle (BUC) - SESL league - Season 38

Gotham Villains (GTH) - The Manager - Season 35-Now

Orgullo Atlético (ORA) - SOS Cup - Season 10

Orgullo Atlético (ORA) - SFLSL league- Seasons 10-Now

Villarreal (VIL) - ODFL league - Seasons 1-2

Metropolis Heroes (MPH) - MSWL league - Seasons 11-15

Monster United (MNS) - CFEM league - Seasons 1-3

Real Sociedad (SOC) - MSLF league - Seasons 2-4

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